Whole body vibration therapy

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION THERAPY Whole Body Vibration Therapy is among the most beneficial technologies ever introduced. It is not a recent technology; it was used very many years ago. However N.A.S.A started testing it and incorporated it in their programs. It is a therapy beneficial to everyone however there are those medical conditions which may … Read more

Benefits of burpees

Benefits of burpees Burpees refer to exercise moves that incorporate squatting, push-ups, and jumping. The basic movement starts with a basic squat and this is followed by pushing the legs back to do some pushups. The next position is back to a squat with simultaneous jumping at the end part. After the jump, one has … Read more

Benefits of Wobenzym

Benefits of Wobenzym Wobenzym is a supplement that contains various enzymes that can naturally be found in the body. These enzymes normally act for an efficient digestive process. ‘ This particular supplement is also loaded with other substances including enzymes from fruit such as papain and bromelain. The antioxidant rutin is also part of Wobenzym supplement. … Read more

Benefits of jivamukti yoga

Benefits of jivamukti yoga Jivamukti yoga is a type of yoga that was developed only in recent times, particularly in the middle of 1980s. ‘ Its core principle involves achieving enlightenment and awareness of self and surroundings. This type of yoga basically combines modern interpretations of the yoga poses along with the traditional meditative and chanting … Read more

Benefits of “downward facing dog pose”

Benefits of “downward facing dog pose” The downward facing dog position is a type of yoga position wherein one’s body is fully bent over with both hands also touching the ground along with one’s feet. ‘ In this position, the body is also shaped like a pyramid and it literally forces one to face downwards or … Read more

Benefits of arachidonic acid

Benefits of arachidonic acid Arachidonic acid is one of many essential omega-3 fatty acids and it can commonly be found in many parts of the brain and in various nerve cells. ‘ This fatty acid basically functions to help keep cell membranes healthy and permeable leading to stable nutrient supply in the brain and other parts … Read more

Benefits of Vibram

Benefits of Vibram Vibram refers to a brand of shoe that is famous for the “five-fingers” design. ‘ The shoe is basically patterned from running or walking on barefoot with the shoe design that accommodates all five toes and gives them space to move around a little just like having no shoes at all. ‘ Proponents of … Read more

Benefits of BodyPump

Benefits of BodyPump BodyPump refers to a group exercise program developed by Less Mills International. ‘ The exercise program involves about one hour of cardiovascular and strength training exercises that are done with specific music tracks for each of the eight muscle groups involved. ‘ The total workout starts with a warm-up segment and this will be … Read more

Benefits of Orbitrek

Benefits of Orbitrek Orbitrek is a very effective elliptical trainer that offers a complete body workout. It features a well designed resistance system which allows the user to tailor their workouts based on their current fitness level. Besides the basic workout, the product also comes with several DVDs that show great workouts designed for this … Read more

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness Aerobic fitness refers to endurance-based activities or exercises. ‘ The effort that people put into an exercise program is usually minimal or medium in terms of intensity. ‘ But because the exercise intensity is only at this level, people can do the exercise for a prolonged period. ‘ Through aerobic fitness, the body’s use … Read more

Benefits Of Ab Wheel

Benefits of Ab Wheel Although unfamiliar to many, the abdominal muscles help a number of essential roles. For starters, they support your torso, which help the body move properly and aid the breathing process as well. With many different benefits to offer, it makes sense to find ways to keep the abdominal muscles healthy and … Read more

Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

Benefits of Reformer Pilates The reformer Pilates is a workout machine used for incorporating the Pilates workout method for a more challenging workout. Leverage, body weight and springs are utilized like resistance while doing movements that target specific muscles. The reformer Pilates increases a person’s health and fitness levels. Further below are benefits of reformer … Read more

Benefits Of Climbing Stairs

Benefits of Climbing Stairs To climb stairs, the body usually uses the legs muscles, particularly the quadriceps (front area of the thighs) and the buttocks. Because the body is carrying its weight against cavity, it becomes an intense activity for both the leg muscles and the heart. With the correct guidelines, climbing the stairs can … Read more

Benefits Of Liposuction

Benefits of Liposuction Nowadays, liposuction is a very familiar surgery procedure that most of us have undertaken at one point in our lives. It is a technique which is known to improve the body’s contour by the removal of excess fat deposits which are located between the muscles and skin. This procedure involves the use … Read more

Benefits Of Muscular Strength

Benefits of Muscular Strength Muscular strength primarily offers the benefit of improving an individual’s overall appearance. Other than simply enhancing your appearance, individuals who add muscles experience many other benefits. Added muscularity may assist to encourage a better and longer life. It only takes dedication and commitment to attain muscular strength. Once you have achieved … Read more

Benefits Of Isometrics

Benefits of Isometrics Isometrics are physical exercises where muscles are forced to act either against fixed objects or each other. It is also commonly known as isometric exercise. The objective of isometrics is basically using the body for providing resistance. These exercises can be done anywhere since they do not demand special equipment. Here are … Read more

Benefits Of Blood Doping

Benefits of Blood Doping Blood doping refers to the medical practice of increasing red blood cells content in blood so as to boost athletic performance. Since RBCs transport oxygen lungs to muscles, increased amount of these cells in blood improves an individual’s endurance and aerobic capacity. Discover key benefits of blood doping by reading the … Read more

Benefits Of Crunches

Benefits of Crunches Performing crunches is quite vital to attaining the loss of weight you are looking to achieve. This abdominal workout will assist you create muscles and also burn lots of calories. It is also effective in reduce the fat currently accumulating over your abdominal region. Aside from considerable weight loss, performing crunches offers … Read more

Benefit Of PNF

Benefit of PNF PNF stretching is a form of flexibility exercise that involves contracting and stretching the targeted set of muscles. It was originally developed to help those recovering from injury but is now used by athletes and body builders alike to target specific muscle groups to help improve muscular strength, as well as flexibility. … Read more

Benefits Of Flexibility

Benefits Of Flexibility The highest range of motion that is available around a joint is known as Flexibility. It is also known as ROM. The major limiting factor of ROM is the makeup of the joint. The main reason for this variability in ROM is because of the elasticity in the muscles and the tendons … Read more