7 undisputed benefits of Gazelle Edge – the health machine

7 undisputed benefits of Gazelle Edge – the health machine Yes, Gazelle Edge is indeed the most convenient health machine. This workout machine is no less than a boon to people who wish to burn some extra calories trapped inside their bodies. This mean exercise machine is the brain child of Tony Little. This machine … Read more

Benefits of Food Pyramid

Benefits of Food Pyramid Food pyramids were developed by American nutritionists in an effort to reduce obesity and promote healthy eating. These pyramids contain a diagram of the major food groups, which are meant for helping people chose healthier foods. Moreover, this also helps people limit foods which contain excessive calories. 1. Improves eating habits … Read more

Benefits of Orbitrek

Benefits of Orbitrek Orbitrek is a very effective elliptical trainer that offers a complete body workout. It features a well designed resistance system which allows the user to tailor their workouts based on their current fitness level. Besides the basic workout, the product also comes with several DVDs that show great workouts designed for this … Read more

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness Aerobic fitness refers to endurance-based activities or exercises. ‘ The effort that people put into an exercise program is usually minimal or medium in terms of intensity. ‘ But because the exercise intensity is only at this level, people can do the exercise for a prolonged period. ‘ Through aerobic fitness, the body’s use … Read more

Benefits Of Potatoes

Benefits of Potatoes Today a meal is not complete without potatoes, especially among potato lovers. They have numerous health benefits, as they have the correct amount of calories and carbohydrates. The funny thing is that almost everyone loves eating potatoes. 1. Weight gain Potatoes contain significant amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which make it ideal … Read more