Benefit Of PNF

Benefit of PNF

PNF stretching is a form of flexibility exercise that involves contracting and stretching the targeted set of muscles. It was originally developed to help those recovering from injury but is now used by athletes and body builders alike to target specific muscle groups to help improve muscular strength, as well as flexibility.

1. Prevents injury

Improved flexibility is beneficial for preventing strain as well as minor muscle injury. However, you should do in using the right form to help reduce your risk of injury, which increases your flexibility in the process. When you use different muscle groups actively, you are less vulnerable to wear and tear than those who don’t perform stretching exercises.

2. Improves respiratory function

Stretching exercises lead to enhanced biochemical efficiency, as it increase flexibility of your lower body as well as the neck, upper back and shoulders. This has been shown to help improve function of the respiratory system. Nevertheless, improved flexibility stands out as the main benefit of PNF stretching.

3. Builds strength

When you perform stretching exercises, your muscles become elongated. Many a times, a workout may require you to stretch farther, which in turn expands your muscle fibers, increasing your flexibility. In addition to that, stretching help build strength, tone, and smooth muscles.

4. Improves blood circulation

Stretching is effective in boosting cardiovascular health as it improves circulation of oxygen and blood distribution to your tissues. It also gives you an opportunity to meditate away from the bustle and hustle of city life.

5. Boosts immune system

Circulation of blood during stretching may help boost your immune system, protecting you from disease and viral infections. Moreover, stretching exercises help to alleviate symptoms of chronic depression as well as anxiety. It also provides you with an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

While stretching is beneficial to your heath, always make sure that you perform the exercise in a proper way to avoid muscle injury.

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