Benefits of Orbitrek

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Benefits of Orbitrek

Orbitrek is a very effective elliptical trainer that offers a complete body workout. It features a well designed resistance system which allows the user to tailor their workouts based on their current fitness level. Besides the basic workout, the product also comes with several DVDs that show great workouts designed for this elliptical trainer.

1. Low impact exercise

Orbitrek is designed to mimic the natural stride of the body. It mimics how your feet move when running, jogging or walking. You stand in an upright position when exercising with your feet firmly on the pedals. As a result, impact is essentially removed. This means there is less stress placed on the back, hips, joints and knees when using Orbitrek. This lower impact exercise can be done by the older people and also those who are prone to getting sports injuries.

2. Better results

Elliptical trainers like Orbitrek offer both back and forward motion, which is also known as dual action. This allows the user to easily work various muscle groups simultaneously. This leads to much more burnt calories, toned muscles and a general better workout. It is difficult to walk backwards when using a treadmill. Orbitrek has the beneficial dual action feature that allows users to work several muscles simultaneously. This increases the potential of burning more calories.

3. Enjoyable workout

Most Orbitrek users think that it offers a comfortable and enjoyable workout. In fact, there are some who exercise on their machine for six days every week for 25 minutes. That is just how enjoyable this particular elliptical machine is. Orbitrek is very simple to use and it accommodates users on any level of fitness due to its customizability. Hence, both young and old people can delight in this enjoyable and effective workout.

In conclusion, Orbitrek is truly a great workout machine that offers numerous benefits and ends up toning muscle and burning calories.

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