Benefits of Wobenzym

Benefits of Wobenzym Wobenzym is a supplement that contains various enzymes that can naturally be found in the body. These enzymes normally act for an efficient digestive process. ‘ This particular supplement is also loaded with other substances including enzymes from fruit such as papain and bromelain. The antioxidant rutin is also part of Wobenzym supplement. … Read more

Benefits Of Baby Aspirin

Benefits of Baby Aspirin Also referred as low dose aspirin, baby aspirin has been in use for a very long time. Baby aspirin generally contains 81 mg of acetylsalicylic acid. This acid works by preventing Cox-2 enzymes from working. These Cox-2 enzymes are responsible producing prostaglandins which are pain causing hormones. The following are more … Read more

Benefits Of Khajoor

Benefits of Khajoor Khajoor, commonly known as dates are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, fats, proteins, Vitamin C and B. Also, they contain calcium and phosphorus believed to treat a number of diseases. Read on and learn the benefits you can get from eating dates. Nevertheless, put in mind that too much consumption is harmful … Read more

Benefits Of Whole Milk

Benefits of Whole Milk Whole milk is a kind of milk that has not undergone the homogenization process. The intake of whole milk offers numerous health benefits. Further below are benefits of frequent whole milk consumption. 1. Packed with enzymes Whole milk contains lots of enzymes that perform various tasks in the body. Most beneficial … Read more

Benefits Of Raw Honey

Benefits of Raw Honey Raw honey is believed to contain live enzymes and essential amino acids, which keep you fit and healthy. It improves function of the immune system, providing protection from viral infections and diseases. One spoonful spread on bread or mixed with coffee can help you reap amazing health benefits. 1. Antiseptic properties … Read more

Benefits Of Enzymes

Benefits Of Enzymes Enzymes can simply be defined as proteins that act as catalyst for various kinds of biochemical reactions without themselves undergoing any kind of change. They enhance the rate of chemical reaction, which otherwise would take place very slowly. Enzymes are produced in the bodies of all living organisms including plants, animals, microorganisms, … Read more

Benefits Of Digestive enzymes

Benefits Of Digestive enzymes Enzymes are high energy protein moleculesÂ’ that are essential for the digestion and absorption of food in the digestive tract. Apart from this, these enzymes are helpful in stimulating the brain, tissues, cells and organ repair and generating energy at cellular levels. Although these digestive enzymes act as catalyst for numerous biochemical … Read more

Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

The Overall Health Benefits ofÂ’ Digestive Enzymes If you pick up a glossy magazine nowadays that caters to beauty or health, you might feel the need to run out to purchase brand new supplements that celebrities seem to be taking, as well. If this is the case, you might end up with a small health shop … Read more