Five Overlooked Health Benefits of Using Yoyo Bitters

Five Overlooked Health Benefits of Using Yoyo Bitters Yoyo bitters is a type of herbal that has been used for a long period in West African countries especially in Nigeria. Many people have resulted to using this herb for its alleged medicinal value. It is also used as a concoction to cleanse the indigenous people … Read more

Benefits of abdominal massage

Benefits of abdominal massage Body massages can provide various health benefits including relaxation among many others. ‘ For the most part though, people are not used to having their abdominal areas massaged. ‘ Most people have massages for their backs, arms, legs, and feet. ‘ Aside from these common massage areas though, the abdominal area is also a … Read more

Benefits of Rejuvelac

Benefits of Rejuvelac Rejuvelac is a liquid that is a product of fermentation process that involves various types of grain soaked in water. ‘ Grains like barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, rice, and rye may be used in this fermented liquid along with wheat berries. ‘ The Rejuvelac liquid formula has been already used in ancient times and … Read more

Benefits Of Hazelwood

Benefits of Hazelwood Hazelwood necklaces originated from North America and were used by the Aboriginal people to cure various ailments. The necklaces were believed to have healing powers on constipation, digestion, eczema, arthritis, nausea, heartburn, migraines and acid reflux. The reason they are popular is because they have no known side effects or allergy issues … Read more

Benefits Of Biscuits

Benefits of Biscuits Since most people use soda bicarbonate for digestive disorders, there is a misconception that adding biscuits to bicarbonate of soda would aid in digestion. In fact, too much consumption of sodium bicarbonate is harmful to your health. Nevertheless, digestive biscuits are proven to have a wide array of benefits. 1. High in … Read more

Benefits Of Trace Minerals

Benefits of Trace Minerals Health advertisements often tell us of the importance of eating foods rich in nutrients, but they don’t tell you where to find trace minerals Due to lack of adequate information, most people often make misconceptions about these essential minerals, such as where to get them and how much one should consume. … Read more

Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

The Overall Health Benefits ofÂ’ Digestive Enzymes If you pick up a glossy magazine nowadays that caters to beauty or health, you might feel the need to run out to purchase brand new supplements that celebrities seem to be taking, as well. If this is the case, you might end up with a small health shop … Read more