Detox Tea Benefits: Separating Fact from Fiction

detox tea

We’ve all heard the buzz about detox teas. They are marketed as a quick and easy way to lose weight, reduce bloating, and cleanse our bodies of harmful toxins. But what are the actual benefits of detox teas, and are they backed by science? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the claims … Read more

Arnica Tea Benefits: Natural Remedy for Pain Relief, Inflammation

If you’re looking for a natural way to alleviate pain and inflammation, arnica tea might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. Arnica tea is made from the dried flowers of the arnica plant, which is native to Europe and North America. While the plant has been used for centuries to treat a variety … Read more

Benefits of cabbage juice

For people who love to have a beautiful glowing skin and develop an immune system that is capable of warding off practically any ailments, for them Cabbage is a highly nutritious and also delicious garden vegetable that is found in all food shops and super-markets all across the globe. It has often been heard that … Read more

Benefits of Red tea

Abundant are the health benefits of the red rooibos tea. Red tea has been traditionally famous and popular due to its unique color and great taste, leaving apart the fact that it also helps in boosting the health of our body. Red tea is actually an herbal and medicinal beverage that is acquired from a … Read more

Benefits of Tequila

According to spirits writer Anthony Dias Blue, Tequila was originally known to the American citizens as Mescal Brandy. As the railroad transportation expanded in the late 19th century Tequila became a popular drink among the Americans. Later on, during the 20th century this drink also helped USA to tide over the great alcohol crisis. With … Read more

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is essentially a very concentrated form of green tea which is grown and consumed in a way that it sustains all the essential minerals and vitamins found in this super power green leaves. Matcha bushes are grown under the shade of big trees, so that it helps in increasing the amino acid and chlorophyll … Read more

Benefits of Wanbao Tea

The herbs that are used for making Wanbao Tea which is a popular Chinese herbal medicine provides several health benefits for our body. Wanbao Tea is made up of two main ingredients Fructus Lycii and Glossy Ganoderma. Fructus Lycii is also known as Gogi in certain parts of China. When it comes to Chinese herbal … Read more

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

All tea drinkers must have heard or have tried Earl Gray Tea. This tea is a blend of several kinds of Chinese Teas along with some added Citrus flavor. Earl Gray Tea was named after the 19th Century British Prime Minister, Earl Charles Grey. It’s an aromatic blend of Tea which also has many significant … Read more

Benefits of cucumber juice

It is said that cucumber is the fourth most cultivated vegetable in the world, which is also one of the most available foods found all across the globe- a superfood that increases our body’s overall health. Cucumber juice is a nutritious, healthy and versatile drink, which contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Silica, Vitamin C and … Read more

Benefits of ginseng tea

Ginseng is a nutritious herb that is perennial slow growing plant with fleshy roots and is found in places like Korea, northern parts of China, America and east Siberia. Ginseng is believed to be a natural aphrodisiac and an ‘adaptogen’ which increases the body’s ability to adapt to changing situations and stress in our life. … Read more

Benefits of black tea

Prepared from the leaves of the shrub Camellia Sinesis, black tea one of the most consumed teas in the world. Black tea has been found to be more oxidizing than green, white or oolong teas, which are some of the other famous brands of tea that are preferred by tea lovers all across the globe. … Read more

5 Incredible Benefits of Rose Tea

Tea made of rose buds and petals, the idea is itself so exotic that you don’t need any more explanation. Rose tea is all about serenity, pleasure and alluring taste. This drink has its medical applications in Chinese medicine and it has a long standing history of more than 5000 years. There are many popularly … Read more

Benefits of spearmint tea

Benefits of spearmint tea Spearmint is a flowering plant that is usually cultivated to make tea. ‘ In some cases, the flowers are also used to get oil extracts. ‘ These extracts are commonly used in bath products and perfumes. ‘ Those that are grown to make tea meanwhile are either used as fresh or dried depending on … Read more

Benefits of myoplex

Benefits of myoplex Myoplex refer to a popular drink among health enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and weight-watchers. ‘ Myoplex is usually consumed in the form of shakes and come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, mocha, cookies and cream, and many others. ‘ It is often marketed as a health drink because it contains various vitamins, minerals, and … Read more

Benefits of Mauby – Caribbean’s detox secret

What is Mauby? Mauby is a drink that is made from the bark of the Mauby tree, which is native to the Caribbean. The bark is boiled in water along with spices like cinnamon, anise, and cloves, then sweetened with sugar or honey to make a refreshing and nutritious drink. It has a distinct, slightly … Read more

Benefits of carrot juice

Benefits of carrot juice Carrot juice is a very popular health drink in many parts of the world. ‘ Weight-watchers, dieticians, nutritionists, and health enthusiasts have always raved about the benefits of carrot juice to the body. ‘ There are also some people who simply like the taste of the juice. ‘ The following are some of carrot … Read more

Benefits Of Barley Tea

Benefits of Barley Tea Health enthusiasts who are keen in beverages that have therapeutic properties might be fascinated by barley tea. This tea is accessible in tea bags and loose grains as well. Some the advantages associated with barley tea include improving digestion and also treating various kinds of infections. Other key health promoting effects … Read more

Benefits Of Yarrow Tea

Benefits of Yarrow Tea Although known to a few, the yarrow plant is native of the Northern Hemisphere. Popularly known as soldier woundwort, milfoil, common yarrow or Achillea millefolium – the plant features lavender of white flowers and segmented leaves. It has been used for decades to treat a number of health disorders, from improving … Read more

Benefits Of Kiwi Juice

Benefits of Kiwi Juice Kiwi fruit, native to China is a quality fruit believed to have an array of health benefits. It is loaded in minerals, vitamins and protective compounds that improve your overall health. While studies are ongoing to determine whether the purported benefits are factual, preliminary findings show that kiwi fruit is loaded … Read more

Benefits Of Purified Water

Benefits of Purified Water Only oxygen helps sustain our life as living organisms. Human being need food for survival, but water is essential and we can’t do without it. The health of your organs, their function and resistance to injury and disease are related to the amount of water you drink. With that said, you … Read more

Benefits Of Goji Berry Juice

Benefits of Goji Berry Juice Goji berry juice is made through using goji berries, which are said to possess lots of useful properties. This juice has been used traditionally used for alleviating various conditions like forgetfulness, insomnia and also relieving heart palpitations. The following article explains more goji berry juice benefits. 1. Promote better sleep … Read more

Benefits Of Ozone Water

Benefits of Ozone Water Ozone water is fundamentally cold water that is mixed with ozone and it is done through exposing the oxygen molecules in water to radiation. This helps oxidize bacteria and viruses, destroying them. Drinking ozone water is believed to be highly useful to the entire body in general. This article discusses the … Read more

Benefits Of Coke

Benefits of Coke Coke, also called Coca Cola is a popular soft drink that contains several beneficial ingredients aside from simply being refreshing. It contains kola nuts for promoting energy and it is consumed throughout the world. Enjoying coke in moderation offers the following advantages. 1. Kola Kola nuts, which are key ingredients in coke … Read more

Benefits Of Nettle Leaf

Benefits of Nettle Leaf Nettle leaf is mainly used to produce tea that is then consumed to get various benefits. Among the key advantages got from using nettle leaf tea is in curing anemia. There are other numerous benefits of nettle leaf because of the compounds present in it. Get more benefits of nettle leaf … Read more

Benefits Of Pekoe Tea

Benefits of Pekoe Tea Pekoe tea, a black tea grade, is becoming very popular among tea drinkers throughout the world. With a rich and fine taste, pekoe tea is being endorsed like a good substitute to both coffee and green tea. The many nutrients present in pekoe tea enable it to offer the following benefits. … Read more

Benefits Of Lemonade

Benefits of Lemonade People have now become keen on their health and love experimenting with regards to drinks and foods. Some folks have come to the realization that a lemonade diet can help in reducing a common stomach disorder known as acid reflux. A glass of cold lemonade is a great way to relax on … Read more

Benefits Of Amla Juice

Benefits of Amla Juice Amla juice is incredibly remarkable with regards to enhancing general health. The potential benefits of this juice have also been researched in several laboratories. From simple nutritional supplements of increasing body health to the management of risky free radicals, amla juice has a huge range of uses. Discover more benefits of … Read more

Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Benefits of Green Tea Extract The green tea extract refers to the natural byproduct of green tea leaves. It is the best plant source of antioxidants, containing various active ingredients like EGCG and polyphenols among others. Green tea extract actually contains large amounts of antioxidants in contrast with other sources like vitamins E and C. … Read more

Benefits Of Goji Juice

Benefits of Goji Juice Goji juice is not only nutritious but has an array of medicinal properties as well. Studies show that regular intake of this nutritious fruit can help keep premature aging at bay, not to mention it can also improve your overall health. Seeking to enhance your health and general wellness? If so, … Read more

Benefits Of Ginger Root Tea

Benefits of Ginger Root Tea Ginger root tea is made using the roots of the effective ginger herb, a native of Asia. This tea is an ancient remedy for various conditions that include arthritis, diarrhea and nausea. In fact, drinking ginger root tea frequently offers countless benefits. Read on and discover the ginger root tea … Read more

Benefits Of Cactus Juice

Benefits of Cactus Juice The cactus plant commonly known as prickly bear or Opuntia ficus is native in southwestern US and Mexica. Besides being a staple diet in these areas, the plant is also believed to have an array of health benefits. Studies show that it is high in antioxidants known as Betalains found in … Read more

Benefits Of Fizzy Water

Benefits of Fizzy Water Fizzy water, also called carbonated water, refers to a kind of water that is mixed together with carbon dioxide. Drinking fizzy water actually promotes certain health benefits that include weight loss and hydration. Fizzy water does not have any alcohol content and it can provide many advantages as illustrated bellow. 1. … Read more

Benefit Of Awala Juice

Benefit of Awala Juice Indian gooseberry, popularly known as awala/amla fruit is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. It has an array of health benefits, from treating dysentery to improving skin function, as well as better memory just to mention but a few. Read on and find out why it is important to incorporate awala … Read more

Benefits Of Kombucha Green Tea

Benefits of Kombucha Green Tea Kombucha green tea encourages good overall health and assists many people throughout the globe with its excellent immune-enhancing and detoxifying qualities. Kombucha, mistakenly called a mushroom, is actually comprised of bacteria and yeast. Many people believe that consuming kombucha green tea will provide numerous benefits similar to the ones that … Read more

Benefits Of Cumin Tea

Benefits of Cumin Tea Cumin seeds are well-known due to their medicinal uses. In fact, there were used in the ancient period to treat an array of diseases. While the traditional herb is not used as much as in the early days, it still offers an array of health benefits. Read on and find out … Read more

Benefits Of Darjeeling Tea

Benefits of Darjeeling Tea Darjeeling tea refers to a kind of black tea, which is grown mainly in India, specifically Darjeeling. This tea has a robust and slightly spicy flavor with grape overtones. Many of its medicinal benefits are linked to its high antioxidant levels that combat diseases as well as free radicals. The following … Read more

Benefits Of Pom

Benefits of Pom Pomegranate juice is popular due to a number of reasons, but do you know its health benefits? Well, studies show that pomegranate juice contains a wide range of health benefits. Read on and learn some of the reasons you should consume pomegranate juice on a daily basis. 1. Reduces cancer risk According … Read more

Benefits Of Cranberry Juice for Women

Benefits of Cranberry Juice for Women The benefits of cranberry juice consumption have been known for very long time. Nevertheless, this multipurpose berry offers more benefits for women than men. Continue reading this article to find out the benefits of cranberry juice for women. 1. Detoxifies the body Women are normally far more worried concerning … Read more

Benefits Of Cranberry Juice for Women

Benefits of Cranberry Juice for Women The benefits of cranberry juice consumption have been known for very long time. Nevertheless, this multipurpose berry offers more benefits for women than men. Continue reading this article to find out the benefits of cranberry juice for women. 1. Detoxifies the body Women are normally far more worried concerning … Read more

Benefits Of Orange Juice

Benefits of Orange Juice Orange juice is among the popularly consumed fruit juices in the whole world. Even though it is consumed by very many individuals, the advantages that orange juice provides are still poorly understood. The following article attempts to illustrate some of the main advantages of consuming orange juice. 1. Inflammation protection High … Read more

Benefits Of Chrysanthemum Tea

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum tea is a natural or herbal tea that has lots of benefits of to provide to a frequent drinker. This tea is made from the chrysanthemum flowers and it is usually very pleasing to drink. Rock sugar and wolfberries may be added during preparation. Intake of the chrysanthemum tea provides … Read more

Benefits Of Juice Plus

Benefits of Juice Plus Juice plus is the brand name given to certain diet ary supplements that contain vegetable juices and concentrated fruit and other plant centered supplements. The intake of juice plus is greatly recommended as it provides most of the nutrients found in grains, vegetables and fruits simply by drinking juice. Major benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Cayenne Tea

Benefits of Cayenne Tea Do you know the health benefits of cayenne tea? How is it effective on your weight loss regimen? The supposed health benefits of drinking cayenne tea may seem unbelievable, but it has been used for years to cure various ailments. Let’s discuss some of the common benefits of drinking cayenne tea … Read more

Benefits Of Hot Tea

Benefits of Hot Tea Many people enjoy drinking a cup of hot tea, whether in the morning or during the day for various reasons. For most people, holding a hot mug of tea during cold periods provides a source of heat and for others drinking tea is simple relaxing. If you are not yet drinking … Read more

Benefits Of Soft Drinks

Benefits of Soft Drinks A soft drink is a non-alcoholic beverage that usually contains a sweetening agent, carbonated water and flavoring agent. It may also contain fruit juice or caffeine. Soft drinks are usually consumed while they are at room temperature or cold. Usually, soft drinks are taken for pleasure and whenever someone has a … Read more

Benefits Of Saffron Tea

Benefits of Saffron Tea Saffron tea, an indigenous plant native to Asia and Europe, is harvested from its red stigmas. It was cherished by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for use in the treatment of a wide range of disease, as well as herbal and culinary delights. Recent clinical studies have shown its potential in … Read more

Benefits Of Zamzam Water

Benefits of Zamzam Water Allah Ta’al created all living things out of water. We all need water for domestic use but Zamzam water is unique and varied. Muslims crave this liquid and relish the chance of drinking it on every occasion. You may ask, ‘’what makes Zamzam water so special”? Everything! Although it doesn’t have … Read more

Benefits Of Goji Tea

Benefits of Goji Tea Goji tea is produced from the goji berries and it is highly nutritious. This tea contains a similar amount of helpful phytochemicals and antioxidants as those present in goji berry fruit and juice. Regular consumption of goji tea may therefore prove to be beneficial. Further down are examples of key benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Iced Green Tea

Benefits of Iced Green Tea Iced green tea has been used for years to treat various ailments and was popularly used by the Ancient Chinese people. In Ancient china, iced green tea was used to cure depression and headaches. Unlike your usual tea, it has low caffeine content which often causes nausea, frequent urination and … Read more

Benefits Of Chocolate Milk

Benefits of Chocolate Milk Many folks are not familiar with the benefits of adding chocolate milk into their nutrition. Studies done recently have shown that chocolate milk is a great post workout diet . It also aids in faster body recovery after intensive exercises. Though studies are still ongoing to determine whether it has positive … Read more

Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine

Benefits of Quitting Caffeine Chocolate, coffee, tea and soda are common diet ary caffeine sources. Once caffeine is ingested in the body, it is quickly absorbed and its effects lessen within four hours. When you take caffeine, your mood usually soars and then plummets, leaving you with caffeine cravings for making your moods soar again. … Read more

Benefits Of Essiac Tea

Benefits of Essiac Tea Essiac tea has become popular due to its many health benefits. Studies have shown that it can help improve function of your immune system as well as detoxification. You can use it to treat a wide range of disease and can help boost your overall health. Here are the reasons why … Read more

Benefits Of Rosemary Tea

Benefits of Rosemary Tea Rosemary is a useful herb and it is known for producing a delicious tea that possesses many health benefits. Rosemary tea is prepared and consumed by many people in the world because of its useful effects. The following article explains the benefits of rosemary tea. 1. Aid concentration and memory A … Read more

Benefits Of Rosehip Tea

Benefits of Rosehip Tea Rosehips are popular accessory fruits and are often orange or red in color. Studies show that they act as an energizer since they contain significant amounts of vitamin C, compared to other citrus fruits. Besides being refreshing, rosehip tea has a wide array of health benefits. That is why you should … Read more

Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Benefits of Ginger Tea Ginger tea is revered throughout the world because of its many useful effects. It is made from brewing ginger root in hot water and it is a very popular herbal remedy. Drinking ginger tea treats motion sickness through calming the stomach. Apart from that, ginger tea has many other health benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Decaf Tea

Benefits of Decaf Tea Standard tea contains high caffeine amounts and thus it is not suitable for individuals who are caffeine sensitive. Nevertheless, taking decaffeinated tea and other herbal teas like hibiscus or mint provides many benefits without the needless caffeine stimulant effects. Consumption of decaf tea offers the following health benefits. 1. Prevents heart … Read more

Benefits Of Beverages

Benefits of Beverages Nowadays, it appears that all food stores are claiming to offer natural, organic and healthy beverages to customers. Despite the marketing hype concerning beverages, it is vital to realize that there are several beverages that can boost your overall health. The following are examples of benefits of beverages. 1. Calcium benefits Drinking … Read more

Benefits Of Tahitian Noni Juice

Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice Over the past few years, many have now recognized the benefits of natural forms of medicine, particularly Tahitian Noni juice. This nutritious juice is native in the Southern Pacific region and has been used to treat many health complications. It has now become popular in Europe due to the many … Read more

Benefits Of Skim Milk

Benefits of Skim Milk Skim milk contains about 0.5% of milk fat and it is manufactured through removing high amounts of fat found in whole milk. It is usually preferred by most people due to its nutritional worth. The benefits of skim milk consumption range from controlling weight to muscle development and staying healthy. Below … Read more

Benefits Of Almond Milk

Benefits of Almond Milk Almond milk comprises of more nutrients in comparison with other dairy milk substitutes such as rice milk or soya milk. Almond milk is a good substitute for people lactose and soy allergies. This milk is filled with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The following are benefits of consuming almond milk. 1. Boosts … Read more

Benefits Of Whole Milk

Benefits of Whole Milk Whole milk is a kind of milk that has not undergone the homogenization process. The intake of whole milk offers numerous health benefits. Further below are benefits of frequent whole milk consumption. 1. Packed with enzymes Whole milk contains lots of enzymes that perform various tasks in the body. Most beneficial … Read more

Benefits Of Seltzer Water

Benefits of Seltzer Water Seltzer water, popularly known as carbonated water, aerated beverage, and fizzy water, is plain water used as a component in making soft drinks. You can make carbonated water using a soda siphon, which is readily available at your local store. Recent studies have shown that it contains many health benefits, from … Read more

Benefits Of Vegetable Juice

Benefits of Vegetable Juice Drinking fresh vegetable juice is an effective method of staying and also looking healthy. Vegetables are essential protective food needed by the body and consuming them in juice form ensures that you get the most benefits. Here are benefits of drinking vegetable juice. 1. Simple to digest The consumption of vegetable … Read more

Benefits Of Tonic Water

Benefits of Tonic Water If you enjoy drinking liquor, gin for that matter, you can decide to take your drink together with tonic water. Tonic water is popularly used to prevent malarial due to its preventive effects and is often mixed with liquor to reduce the bitter taste. It contains quinines as its main ingredient, … Read more

Benefits Of Tart Cherry Juice

Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice Tart cherry juice is made from cherry fruits, which are known for their beneficial effects in the body. Frequent consumption of this particular juice promotes healthy body function as it provides numerous benefits. Further down are health benefits of consuming tart cherry juice. 1. Antioxidant effects Most vegetable and fruit … Read more

Benefits Of Wheatgrass Juice

Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice Wheatgrass continue to gain immense popularity as studies are revealing a wide array of health benefits it provides. Wheatgrass juice is popularly known as ‘’ Liquid Sunshine” since it contains high amount of nutrients and minerals. For convenience, this plant is crushed into powder and then sold commercially. 1. Prevents acidosis … Read more

Benefits Of White Wine

Benefits of White Wine There are many health benefits of drinking white wine, but in moderation. These benefits can be classified into two groups, some benefits come about as a result of moderate consumption, and others exist because of its many health properties. Read on to learn some of the health benefits you can reap … Read more

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Green tea contains many helpful effects to the body and it is popularly consumed worldwide. Green tea does not require a lot of processing in contrast with black tea and thus it possesses more health benefits. Regular consumption of green tea provides many benefits as explained clearly below. 1. Antioxidant … Read more

Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea There are many reasons why a cup of tea is irresistible, especially after a long day’s work. Some people simply enjoy its aroma while others find it relaxing. Read on to find the many health benefits you can reap from drinking tea. 1. Tea is full of antioxidant properties Want to … Read more

Benefits Of Rice Milk

Benefits of Rice Milk Rice milk is made by straining processed rice or brown rice. Unlike processed milk, rice milk is low in cholesterol, which makes it a wise alternative food choice to other products with high amount of cholesterol. It is also an acceptable diet by vegetarians and people trying to lose weight, as … Read more

Benefits Of Prune Juice

Benefits of Prune Juice Prune juice comes from dried up plums, generally through re-hydrating the fruits in a water solution and then removing the liquid. It has a deep purple color and it is full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Here are benefits of prune juice. 1. High antioxidant source Prune juice comprises high amount … Read more

Benefits Of Tomato Juice

Benefits of Tomato Juice Tomato is a popular fruit because it’s bountiful benefits and versatility. It can be eaten raw as salads or you can drink the tomato juice. Frequent intake of tomato juice offers the body the following health benefits. 1. Benefits the heart Tomato juice contains high lycopene content, which has strong antioxidant … Read more

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Other than assisting people to stay awake for longer periods of time, many people are not aware of any other benefits of coffee consumption. If you are among these people, then the following article should be very useful to you as it discusses the health benefits of drinking coffee. 1. Antioxidant … Read more

Benefits Of Beet Juice

Benefits of Beet Juice Beet root, also commonly known as beets, is used in making salad, due to its bright reddish color and sweet taste. Although many people are not familiar with beet juice, it is important that you add it into your daily nutrition to reap its health benefits. Research has shown that beet … Read more

Benefits Of Pickle Juice

Benefits of Pickle Juice Pickle juice is becoming popular among athletes and sports players due to its cramps reducing effects. Aside from the aforementioned health benefit, it is vital to note that pickle juice has many other benefits. Read on if you want to discover benefits of taking pickle juice. 1. Guards against dehydration Nowadays, … Read more

Benefits Of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water Coconut water is usually derived from fresh coconuts. It has an almond taste and it is very refreshing. Traditional island cultures used coconut water as food and also medicine. Many people are now consuming coconut water because of the many benefits that this particular water offers. 1. Treats dehydration Since coconut … Read more

Benefits Of Water

Benefits of Water Drinking water has numerous health benefits, but most of us don’t remember to drink plenty of water. Instead we often grab soda, beer or coffee. By drinking plenty of water, you will reap tremendous benefits, from reduced migraines to better sleeping patterns. 1. Youthful appearance Drinking alkaline water helps to hydrate your … Read more

Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice

Benefits of Pomegranate Juice Pomegranate juice continues to receive lots of attention from health experts and researches as a healthy and nutritious beverage. The benefits of consuming pomegranate juice arise from several of pomegranate’s attributes and properties that are linked with numerous positive benefits. 1. High vitamin content Pomegranate juice comprises high amounts of various … Read more

Benefits Of Ozonated Water

Benefits of Ozonated Water Ozonated water is made from dissolving water in ozone. This process is used as a substitute for treating water with chlorine. Ozonated water provides several health benefits. 1. Detoxifies blood Regular ozonated water consumption is highly advantageous to the body as it detoxifies blood. It removes the additional molecule that attaches … Read more

Benefits of Not Drinking Soda

Benefits of Not Drinking Soda Fast foods and beverages seem to be the order of the day, but carry numerous health risks. For instance, drinking soda on a regular basis can lead to weigh problems, since it has extra calories. There is a misconception among many that soda might be helpful in regards to weight … Read more