Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

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Enzyme therapy is used to maintain a balanced metabolism by means of a dietary plan. The entire process facilitates the process of digestion by supplementing plants and animal enzymes in the diet. It is often noticed that people, in spite of living a healthy lifestyle, suffer from many digestive disorders. This is because their food is not broken down properly. Enzymes help break down food particles. From the moment a person starts chewing the food, enzymes are activated and start breaking it down. Our food contains enzymes of its own but all of them are destroyed while cooking or being processed. The enzyme therapy is a bio-chemical reaction which breaks down food matter. Most supplement enzymes are derived from plants or animals.

1. Cure for health maladies

It helps substitute those enzymes which are deficient in the body. If the endocrine glands cannot provide the body with enough enzymes then external enzymes are provided.

2. Medicinal benefits

The enzyme therapy helps in cleansing the bowel tracts. It purifies blood, maintains the pH balance of urine, and makes the immune system stronger.

3. Cure for skin problems

Skin problems such as Rosacea and yeast infections can be cured by implementing the enzyme therapy. Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from pineapples and helps in healing bruises.

4. Cure for cancer

Though there is not much evidence, medical researches have suggested that the enzyme therapy can help in treatment of cancer of lungs, colon, pancreas, etc.

Enzyme therapy may have a few side effects. Symptoms like stomach upset, diarrhea, cramping, vomiting, and nausea can be noticed in the early stages of the therapy. People can have allergic reactions to enzyme therapy: rashes, sneezing, and skin problems are a few reactions that are usually seen. Diabetics and people suffering from chronic diseases must consult a doctor before opting for this therapy.

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