Benefits Of Enzymes

Benefits Of Enzymes

Enzymes can simply be defined as proteins that act as catalyst for various kinds of biochemical reactions without themselves undergoing any kind of change. They enhance the rate of chemical reaction, which otherwise would take place very slowly. Enzymes are produced in the bodies of all living organisms including plants, animals, microorganisms, and human beings and hold the key responsibility for many critical biochemical reactions. Enzymes are unique since they are not alive yet still accelerate the rate of chemical reactions. They are composed of amino acids and are biodegradable protein molecules, whose presence in lives has made things quite simple and easy. Enzymes play an important role in human lives. Apart from easing out the process of digestion and assimilation in the body they aid in the production of many kinds of food items and several industrial products. Following are the many benefits of enzymes:

Benefits for the human body
The human body utilizes thousands of enzymes for carrying out numerous continuous biochemical processes. For instance, the complete process of digestion is primarily performed by the digestive enzymes secreted inside the system. The amylase and lipase enzymes help in breaking down carbohydrates and fats. Proteases or pepsin secreted in stomach aid in the digestion of proteins.

Industrial food production.
The use of enzymes in industrial foods production is not new. It has been used since ancient times. Traditionally, enzymes have been used for the production of whiskey. At present, most commercially prepared foods have at least one constituent made with the help of enzymes. Enzymes are used in the manufacture of chocolate, sweeteners, bakery products, syrups, precooked cereals, alcoholic beverages, infant foods, fish meal, cheese and dairy products, egg products, fruit juice, and soft drinks.

Used in place of acids and alkalis.
Enzymes have widely replaced acids which were earlier used in the starch processing industry. Also, alkalis used in the fabric designing industry have been replaced by various kinds of enzymes that not only act as replacement products but also enhance the rate of the entire reaction.

Aid in removing fabric stains.
Enzymes help in removing stains from the fabric. Clothes can now be washed at reduced temperatures, hence saving energy. Nowadays, enzymes are used in place of Chlorine bleach for getting rid of stains on clothes. The use of enzymes helps to reduce the use of surfactants and facilitates cleaning of clothes in the absence of phosphates.

Provide safe working conditions.
Enzymes contribute to providing safer working conditions for people in certain industries. They help to eliminate the use of chemical treatments during the production processes. For instance in the processing of paper, starch, and textile, less dangerous chemicals are required when the processes are carried out in the presence of enzymes.

The above discussion shows that enzymes play an important role in keeping us healthy and making our lives quite simple.

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