Benefits of Drafting

Drafting is in essence the practice of riding close to a rider ahead of you so as to gain speed. In the professional field of cycling, bicycle riders use drafting so as to obtain the full aerodynamic advantage. Drafting is also common in instances when there is a huge headwind that is offering resistance to … Read more

Benefits Of Isometrics

Benefits of Isometrics Isometrics are physical exercises where muscles are forced to act either against fixed objects or each other. It is also commonly known as isometric exercise. The objective of isometrics is basically using the body for providing resistance. These exercises can be done anywhere since they do not demand special equipment. Here are … Read more

Benefits Of Olympic lifting

Benefits of Olympic lifting Weightlifting is one of the best forms of resistance training as compared to other techniques. It offers a wide array of benefits over machines, powerlifting and bodybuilding. However, weightlifting is not popular because most people are afraid of injuries, but this is just a misconception. 1. Safety aspect of Olympic weightlifting … Read more