Benefits of TQM programs

TQM or Total Quality Management refers to management methods that aids in enhancing the quality of productivity in an organization, especially pertaining to businesses. Total Quality Management is a comprehensive system that works for any organization involving all departments and employees and extends horizontally both backward and forward to include both suppliers and customers or … Read more

Top 6 Benefits of Affirmative Action in Education

  Affirmative action, also known as positive discrimination, is the system of providing special opportunities for the underprivileged class of people for promoting their rights or helping them to face an equal challenge in the fields of work and education like the privileged groups. The instances of advantages of affirmative action in education are cited … Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization working for the protection of human rights. The main objective of this organization is to stand firm against any sort of violation of human rights and demand justice for the deprived. Amnesty International was established in the year 1961, in London, after The Observer published an article named “The … Read more

Some of the Major Benefits of ICD-10 that People Should Know About

Some of the Major Benefits of ICD-10 that People Should Know About Medical organizations should have a method of tracking performance and efficiency of the staff when it comes to providing medical attention to patients. ICD-10 is therefore one of those systems that can be used in monitoring medical practices accepted by World Health Organization … Read more

Surprising Benefits of employee motivation to any organization

SURPRISING BENEFITS OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION TO ANY ORGANIZATION Maintaining high productivity and teamwork requires endless motivation of the employees. It is not enough to give them a basic salary and demanding that work must be done in order for payment to be released. Employers should learn how to keep their employees’ morale high by using … Read more

Benefits of aligning processes to the needs of the organization

Benefits of aligning processes to the needs of the organization Every organization in the world aims to be successful in whatever they do. Whether they are in the business of selling goods or providing services for example, each company or organization basically strategizes and implements processes in order to achieve goals and targets. ‘ In order … Read more

Benefits of bureaucracies

Benefits of bureaucracies Bureaucracies refer to organization al structures that involve multiple levels of positions that have specific powers, tasks, and functions. ‘ In a typical bureaucracy, front liners or rank-and-file employees report to a supervisor of their specific units. ‘ At this level the operations of the company is hands-on and detailed. ‘ Going up the higher … Read more

Benefits of RCMC

Benefits of RCMC RCMC or Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate refers to a certificate issued by India’s Export Promotion Council to manufacturers, product processors, trade associations, institutions, organization s, and other players in the export and import industries. Getting an RCMC will provide various benefits like: 1. Being part of a worldwide network With thousands of EPC members … Read more

Benefits of HUF

Benefits of HUF HUF refers to Hindu Undivided Family, and it is basically a body that comprises of persons that are descendent lineally from common ancestors. This includes all wives and also unmarried daughters living together and share food, worship and estate. Once a daughter becomes married, she is now considered as a member of … Read more

Benefits of CIOB

Benefits of CIOB CIOB stands for Chartered Institute of Building and it refers to an organization in the UK composed of professionals in the construction or building industry. ‘ This organization has spread internationally with the basic goal of promoting excellence in the field of building and construction by means of professional and honorable service. ‘ One … Read more

Benefits of yacht club

Benefits of yacht club Some people enjoy sailing and socializing with other people that are also into this particular leisure sport. ‘ With people from seemingly different backgrounds, yacht clubs may serve as the venue for various people to come together and enjoy sailing-related activities or just socialize. ‘ Fans of sailing promote joining yacht clubs for … Read more

Benefits of Centralization

Benefits of Centralization Centralization, also called consolidation, refers to combining several departments within a company into one department. For instance, several individual IT functions can be shut down to pave way for one IT department that deals with the computing needs of the whole organization . Centralization helps to remove redundancy and increase profits. 1. … Read more

Benefits of Zakat

Benefits of Zakat In Islam, there are 5 main pillars that followers are supposed to adhere to and Zakat is amongst these pillars. Zakat is essentially a kind of transfer payment that a Muslim gives to poor people. Through paying Zakat, Muslims purify and clean their wealth. This wealth is used by the community for … Read more

Benefits of Drafting

Drafting is in essence the practice of riding close to a rider ahead of you so as to gain speed. In the professional field of cycling, bicycle riders use drafting so as to obtain the full aerodynamic advantage. Drafting is also common in instances when there is a huge headwind that is offering resistance to … Read more

Benefits Of Asset Management

Benefits of Asset Management Asset Management refers to the action taken by a specific organization so as to make certain that its allied assets and infrastructure are used to provide a desired service. Such a program is normally implemented when the accessible assets are essentially co-dependent. Hence, the assets are meant to be employed cohesively … Read more

Benefits Of EMS

Benefits of EMS Environmental Management System, commonly abbreviated as EMS is a framework for organization s and businesses to control their environmental impacts such as noise pollution. National EMS certification structures emerged in 1990s to standardize and complement other environment preservation approaches. These systems are now adopted providing an array of advantages to both private … Read more

Benefits Of Ivy League

Benefits of Ivy League Ivy League Colleges are prestigious institutions and are highly valued in the society. In fact, Ivy League Graduates have created successful businesses, lead nations and have even contributed in the field of medicine. Here are the reasons you should consider joining an Ivy League College if you are not familiar whether … Read more

Benefits Of CAFTA

Benefits of CAFTA The Central Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as CAFTA covers different types of commercial trade between the member states and the U.S. The trade agreement eliminates barriers to investment and trade among the main signatories: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, the U.S, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. CAFTA also allows these countries immediate … Read more

Benefits Of IBM

Benefits of IBM International Business Machines, commonly known as IBM is a renowned IT consulting company in New York. If you are considering working at IBM or are a new member, you will notice that IBM offers a number of benefits, each designed to meet employee’s needs-from income protection to health care, retirement security, as … Read more

Benefits Of BCG

Benefits of BCG Organizations that are very large such that they require setting up business units usually face the test of the allocation of resources among those business units. The BCG matrix was developed by Boston Consulting Group for the management of various business units. Using the BCG opens an organization to several benefits such … Read more

Benefits of Pharmaceuticals

Benefits of Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical industries are very profitable industries since people all across the world demand medicine for better health. These companies often invest large sums of money to manufacture heath instruments and products that are widely used in hospitals. Pharmaceutical industries require a large investment as well as commitment to extensive research. 1. Medical … Read more

Benefits Of Working at Apple

Benefits of Working at Apple The apple company celebrates diverse backgrounds and experience. By introducing innovative individuals to work in the company, employees are given the opportunity to participate in networking activities and professional support that encourage diversity. This therefore, incorporates employees’ skills and perspectives to ensure they achieve the set goals. 1. Flexible packages … Read more

Benefits Of WTO

Benefits of WTO World trade organization is an international body that enforces regulations governing trade. Basically, they monitor global trade and settle disputes that may result to maintain peace, thereby creating conducive environment for investment. The organization strives to reinforce international co-operation to ensure that trade issues are solved in a sober manner. 1. Promotes … Read more

Benefits Of YMCA

Benefits of YMCA There are numerous benefits of YMCA membership, from access to fitness centers to customized workouts designed to fit your needs. Membership encourages all folks to get in shape through measurable goals, personal attention to your fitness needs, as well as building relationships. 1. Access to fitness centers As a YCA member, you … Read more

Benefits Of Wal-Mart

Benefits of Wal-Mart Sam Walton is the founder of the Wal-Mart company, the largest retail store in the world providing benefits to all. Through its many chains Sam’s club and Wal-Mart, it sells a wide range of products, from oranges to gasoline, power saws, towels, fitness, baby, apparel and finders. 1. Convenience This company thrives … Read more

Benefits Of OPEC

Benefits of OPEC OPEC stands for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and it is an international alliance that is responsible for coordinating the policies related to petroleum in its member states. The first five member nations of OPEC are Kuwait, Iraq, Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia. OPEC offers the following important benefits. 1. Unifies … Read more

Benefits of MNCs

Benefits of MNCs Multinational corporations (MNCs) are firms that export their goods to other countries and they also have established production and marketing operations in other countries apart from their home base. Good examples of MNCs include car manufacturers like Toyota, Ford and Honda, oil companies like BP and Shell, technology companies like Microsoft and … Read more

Benefits Of NGO

Benefits of NGO An NGO is a non-governmental organization that is driven and task-oriented by individuals with one common interest. Most of the NGOs are usually structured around specific issues like health, human rights or environment. An NGO provides expertise and analysis and thus assists in monitoring international agreements. 1. Provide important local action NGOs … Read more

Benefits Of Non Profit Organizations

Benefits of Non Profit Organizations There are several benefits to forming a non profit organization. Innovative non profit organizations have helped institutions influence elections and change laws, business practices and cultural focus. They provide a learning platform that is used to organize and educate the public around health, poverty and health among other issues. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of Credit unions

Benefits Of Credit unions Credit unions are non profit financial institutions which are formed by a group of people that have a common bond. All members of credit unions combine their assets in order to provide credit and other monetary services to one another. Credit unions are quite different from other banks their motto and … Read more

Benefits of NAFTA

Benefits of NAFTA NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Agreement, came into force on 1st Jan, 1994, between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This agreement created the largest free trade area which is believed to have linked over 444 million people, who are producing over $17 trillion worth of goods and services. Studies have … Read more