Benefits of CIOB


Benefits of CIOB

CIOB stands for Chartered Institute of Building and it refers to an organization in the UK composed of professionals in the construction or building industry. ‘ This organization has spread internationally with the basic goal of promoting excellence in the field of building and construction by means of professional and honorable service. ‘ One could be part of the CIOB as a client, a contractor, or consultant. ‘ The CIOB provides the following benefits:

1. International recognition

For member consultants and contractors, being part of CIOB means being recognized as a true professional in the building industry. ‘ So-called chartered members are very highly-regarded among peers in the building and construction industry. ‘ This is why many people and firms who offer construction services want to be part and members of the CIOB.

2. Quality work

As for clients of the chartered members of the CIOB, they can only expect professional and quality services in terms of construction and building projects. ‘ Clients do not also have to worry in terms of compliance to international standards and building codes because member firms of the CIOB are all licensed and highly-experienced in their field of work and specialty.

3. Access to the latest news in the industry

Being part of the CIOB as a contractor or consultant also makes it possible to gain access to old standards, new information and latest technologies involving the construction business. ‘ In the UK, the CIOB library is home to various materials related to buildings and constructions which many firms could find as useful information.

The CIOB is not only recognized internationally but is also trusted when it comes to building and construction projects. ‘ Contractors and firms welcome the privilege of being considered as a certified member of the organization while the clients will also have the confidence of dealing with the experts in the construction business.

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