Benefits Of Capital Budgeting

Benefits of Capital Budgeting Investment appraisal (or capital budgeting) is the process used by organizations to access whether long-term-infrastructure or investments are necessary for the success of the company. It can either be capital budget, investment or expenditures. In other words, capital budgeting involve equitable distribution of funds/ resources in long-term schemes. 1. Consistency and … Read more

Benefits Of AMC

Benefits of AMC An Asset Management Company, commonly known as AMC is a type of Investment Corporation that invests funds for investors with respect to the specified investment objectives. Asset management simply helps with collection of bonds, shares, liquid cash and other forms of investments. They help companies reap maximum revenues on investment. So, asset … Read more

Benefits Of CAFTA

Benefits of CAFTA The Central Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as CAFTA covers different types of commercial trade between the member states and the U.S. The trade agreement eliminates barriers to investment and trade among the main signatories: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, the U.S, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. CAFTA also allows these countries immediate … Read more

Benefits Of Reinvesting Dividends

Benefits of Reinvesting Dividends Reinvesting dividends can be done through two investment options. Mutual funds give share owners the opportunity to invest their dividends into their stocks. Also, many companies have dividend reinvestment schemes to allow share owners to invest directly in the corporation’s stock. Either way, both investment plans provide similar benefits. 1. Investment … Read more

Benefits Of FDI to Home Country

Benefits of FDI to Home Country FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is defined like a firm that invests in establishing and building new branches in several other nations. This kind of international investment benefits both the organization and also the countries where the investment is made. For instance, investing in an underdeveloped country offers income … Read more

Benefits Of Just In Time System

Benefits of Just In Time System Just in time system is basically a kind of inventory system in which materials are brought immediately prior to their use and finished products are manufactured only prior to shipment. The JIT system enhances the profit on investment through reducing overhead cost, removing obsolete inventory and restricting quality inspections. … Read more

Benefits Of FDI

Benefits Of FDI FDI is the abbreviated form of Foreign direct investment and refers to the long term involvement of one country with another country. This usually involves participation in joint-venture, management, transfer of expertise and technology etc. Foreign Direct Investment is a part of most economies of the world today and plays a key … Read more