Benefits of RCMC

Benefits of RCMC

RCMC or Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate refers to a certificate issued by India’s Export Promotion Council to manufacturers, product processors, trade associations, institutions, organization s, and other players in the export and import industries. Getting an RCMC will provide various benefits like:

1. Being part of a worldwide network

With thousands of EPC members serving the exporting industry for many decades, those with RCMC will automatically become part of a worldwide network of exporters and importers. ‘ In this way, businesses for example will have the chance to meet and do business with other players in the industry not only in India but also with those that hold offices in other parts of the world.

2. Assistance in exportation

RCMC holders will also get assistance when it comes to exporting goods to other countries. ‘ Being part of the Export Promotion Council will make it easy for members to deal with certain concerns regarding exportation to a specific country. ‘ Members will also benefit in terms of promotional activities that are regularly done by the council to help its members succeed in their respective fields.

3. Get exposure to other markets

Members and certificate holders will also have the chance to be part of various exhibitions and other promotional events. ‘ In this way, manufacturers for example will have a big way to showcase their products to new markets.

4. Avail of government incentives

Since India’s Export Promotional Council works hand in hand with the government, all members and certificate holders will also be able to avail of various incentives and promotional schemes from the government.

The RCMC will basically serve as a ticket to a bigger exposure in terms of product promotion and exportation markets. ‘ If institutions and organizations want to be part of a global network and gain benefits along the way, then getting a Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate from the EPC should be prioritized.

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