Top 5 Benefits of Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization working for the protection of human rights. The main objective of this organization is to stand firm against any sort of violation of human rights and demand justice for the deprived. Amnesty International was established in the year 1961, in London, after The Observer published an article named “The Forgotten Prisoners’ on 28 May, 1961. Amnesty International has the following benefits-

  1. Protection of Women’s Rights

The Amnesty International is very vocal against all sorts of physical, mental or sexual abuse on women. They are working hard to ensure equal employment rights, property rights, birth control and reproductive rights and other human rights for women.

  1. Safeguarding the Rights of the Children

The amnesty international wants to put an end to the recruitment of child soldiers during war all around the globe. They want to spread free education for children worldwide. They are also fighting against child labor, slavery, sexual abuse on children and other violation of the rights of the minors.

  1. Raise Voice against Inhuman Laws

In most of the countries inhuman laws like the death penalty, extra judicial execution or disappearance are still in practice. The death penalty is the ultimate violation of human rights. This inhuman, cruel and degrading punishment is done in the name of law. The Amnesty International is against the capital punishment in all circumstances irrespective of the type of crime, the nature of the offender or the technique employed by the state to execute the prisoners.

  1. Protects the Rights of the Prisoners

People who have been imprisoned due to their religious or political belief, sex, ethnic origin, economic status, language, sexual orientation, national or social origin, without committing any crime are known as the prisoners of conscience. ‘ Since its origin in 1961, the Amnesty International has been trying all it can to free all the prisoners of conscience. Because of their continuous effort, many prisoners of conscience have been released from the jail. Besides, Amnesty International is also aimed at ensuring fair trial for all political prisoners.

  1. Rights of Refugees

Refugees are people who are forced to leave their countries due to unavoidable circumstances, because of violation of human rights they have experienced there or people who are fleeing a war. Amnesty International is very concerned over the rights of the refugees which include-

  • Protection from being forcefully sent to their own country where they might face persecution

  • Protection from all sorts of discrimination

  • Protection from punishment due to illegal entries

  • The right to hosing, work & work

  • Freedom of movement

They are also running a coalition campaign named “Help Syria’s Refugees’, to protect of the refugees of Syria, who have fled from their country due to civil war going on out there.


The Amnesty International deserves a lot of praise for their valiant effort to safeguard human rights. For their campaign against torture, the organization was awarded with the Noble prize in the year 1977 and received the United Nations prize in the field of human rights in 1978.

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