Top 6 Benefits of Affirmative Action in Education


Affirmative action, also known as positive discrimination, is the system of providing special opportunities for the underprivileged class of people for promoting their rights or helping them to face an equal challenge in the fields of work and education like the privileged groups. The instances of advantages of affirmative action in education are cited below-

  1. Raising interest among greater section of people:

With affirmative action in the education system, people who would normally avoid this path because of the cost and difficulties will eventually be attracted to give a try to pursue the light of education. This will in turn ensure the effectivity of programmes stating “Education for all’.

  1. Giving hope to the minority communities:

Usually the minority groups and tribal communities are deprived of quality education prevalent the country. With the provision of affirmative action giving them special opportunities, such underprivileged people will also have the choice of getting quality education like the others.

  1. Creating balance of competition in education:

An imbalanced competition takes place in the education system because the tribal communities or other minority groups of people are usually not well acquainted with the modern education procedure like that of the privileged community. Under this consideration, giving them a little bit of extra opportunity will allow these underprivileged people to pursue education as it is now and will help them to equally compete with others in this procedure.

  1. Extracting the true usefulness of education:

Since affirmative action draws a greater section of people towards education, more hidden talent can be unveiled even from the deprived groups of people. The quality and usefulness of education will increase as a whole and the overall quantity of skilled intellectuals will increase as well.

  1. Participation of all classes of people in social welfare:

As affirmative action helps to educate all classes of people, starting from the privileged group to the underprivileged, in quality education, so they will use the power of this education all together for the welfare of the society. This combined participation will also help to remove discriminations and create a sense of equality in the society.

  1. Better administration:


As affirmative action ensures quality education for all the classes in the society, this will ensure that the best candidates join the administrative posts which in turn will be very helpful for the advancement of any country. Especially in the 3rd world countries where many brilliant students cannot continue their education because of poverty, this will be very useful.


So, basically this sort of positive discrimination, in the broader sense, helps to eradicate the discrimination created in the first place in such sectors between the underprivileged community and those with hereditary opportunities. Thus, affirmative action is clearly a positive approach for ensuring better and quality education and work opportunities among all classes of people in the society which will eventually benefit the society as a whole.

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