Benefits of IBEW

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Benefits of IBEW

International Brothers of Electrical Workers or IBEW in short is a body which is comprised of many union members who are privileged of being members. These proud members possess a wide variety of skills and jobs. This is a union body which is one of the most progressive unions which exists today. The IBEW is made up of 7,50,000 members across the United States and Canada.

This body ensures many benefits to the workers so that they do well and have a good existence and are not exploited in any way. This Union of IBEW ensures good health care and pension benefits for their employees in accordance to the laws of US Department of Labor. This Union also helps is getting their employees more retirement benefits and short term disability benefits.

  1. Agreement: The IBEW is an agreement between the members and the employees and the company who spells out their wages, rights and benefits.

  2. Contract: It is a contract between the employer and the employees, making terms very transparent. The contract ensures that the wages are clarified which are to be paid for each job

  3. Clear Term: The holidays and terms of vacations are also clearly spelt out. The contract guarantees pensions and insurance. It sets up a system of seniority and provides an orderly plan for settlement of complaints and grievances.

  4. Leaves: The sick leave, jury duty, military services, funeral leave, hours of work are also listed at, thus IBEW is a body which makes an employee work in peace with very clear on his rights and duties.

  5. Calculations: The overtime, safety regulations, and other conditions of employment are also clarified, along with the benefits that one would receive. The IBEW varies with industry and place, since the market conditions and working conditions would vary. The rules and regulations also change as per the desires of both the employees and the employers.

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