Surprising Benefits of employee motivation to any organization

SURPRISING BENEFITS OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION TO ANY ORGANIZATION Maintaining high productivity and teamwork requires endless motivation of the employees. It is not enough to give them a basic salary and demanding that work must be done in order for payment to be released. Employers should learn how to keep their employees’ morale high by using … Read more

Benefits of experience

Benefits of experience Experience refers to an accumulation of skills and/or knowledge over a period of time through actual involvement or participation in a particular activity. ‘ When a person is said to have experienced something, it literally means that this person had a direct encounter or participation in a particular activity or situation. ‘ Experience in … Read more

Benefits Of Inquiry Based Learning

Benefits of Inquiry Based Learning Inquiry based learning involves seeking knowledge, truth, or information through questioning. It depends on the attitude and skills of the learner, which means he or she has to seek questions on new issues and resolution. This process is part and parcel of life despite the fact that one may not … Read more

Benefits Of KWL

Benefits of KWL KWL helps teachers activate a learner’s prior knowledge concerning a topic or subject and it promotes research, active reading and inquisition. The use of KWL charts is particularly beneficial like a pre-reading strategy and it also serves like a test of what learners have studied during a certain study unit. K denotes … Read more

Benefits Of Philosophy

Benefits of Philosophy Do you ever ponder the relevance of philosophy in our society? Philosophy simply means gaining knowledge of those around us, and since we all desire to improve in all aspects of our lives, many times we find ourselves engaged in philosophical reasoning and speculation. 1. Develop solution to problems Philosophy involves asking … Read more

Benefits Of Therapy

Benefits of Therapy Several benefits are obtainable from taking part in therapy sessions. Usually it is beneficial just to have the knowledge that another person understands your situation. The health benefits that you get from any type of therapy largely depend on your commitment to the process. 1. Better decision making The main benefit of … Read more

Benefits Of NVQs

Benefits of NVQs National Vocational Qualifications or NVQs refers to qualifications that recognize an individual’s competence, which includes the knowledge, understanding and skills they possess in a work setting. NVQs generally relate to standards present within Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Further down are benefits of NVQs. 1. Accessible by anyone NVQs are open to … Read more