Get the incredible benefits of Ekadasi Fasting

Get the incredible benefits of Ekadasi Fasting The eleventh lunar day of the Hindu calendar is known as Ekadashi. It is indeed an auspicious day for the Hindus and the Jains. This word Ekadashi has a Sanskrit origin. The word can be broken into two syllable “Eka” meaning “One” and “Dashi” meaning “Ten’. It is … Read more

The Incredible Benefits of Mission Trips That Most People Don’t Know About

The Incredible Benefits of Mission Trips That Most People Don’t Know About The work of missionaries requires a lot of sacrifices in terms of time, money, and sleepless nights among others. However, it is the most rewarding job psychologically as this makes an individual feel worth of Christ’s blessing for preaching to the “poor at … Read more

Benefits of rahu dasa

Benefits of rahu dasa Rahu Dasa or Rahu Dasha/Mahadasha is a period of uncertainty in Indian astrology. Rahu refers to the demon God and represents part of the moon. Whenever this moon passes through the different planets at different parts of a person’s life, it will result to both positive and negative energies. At the … Read more

Benefits of Sabbath rest

Benefits of Sabbath rest Sabbath day is considered a day of rest for many religious sectors across the globe. For’ some people, Sabbath is celebrated on the sixth day of the week which is Saturday while’ others consider Sunday as Sabbath day. No matter which day is considered the Sabbath,’ basically all people know that this particular day … Read more

Benefits of Zen

Benefits of Zen Zen refers to a type of Buddhism practice that started in China and eventually spread to other countries like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. ‘ Zen sessions usually involve interaction with an elder or teacher and teachings are focused on understanding overall enlightenment rather than generic knowledge on principles and doctrines. ‘ Many people promote … Read more

Benefits of Dzi

Benefits of Dzi Dzi refer to beads that originated in Tibet. ‘ Pronounced as “jee”, these beads are said to contain supernatural powers that may benefit people from all walks of life. Dzi beads are decorated with bands, waves, lines, and eye circles and according to legend, the number of eyes in the beads provide different … Read more

Benefits Of Fajr

Benefits of Fajr You will agree with me that today most young people come alive post 9:00 pm. Clubs, parties, video gaming, internet chatting and cramming sessions are all done after ishaa prayers, which interferes with your effectiveness as a Muslim. Since most people often struggle to wake up at Fajr, I will share with … Read more

Benefits of Yaseen Surah

Benefits of Yaseen Surah According to the Quran, everything that has heart is Yaseen Surah to all who read it. Allah will reward those who read the Yaseen Surah ten times (Darmi and Tirmizi). On the last Day of Judgment, the recitor of Surah will be saved. Listed below are the benefits of reading Surah … Read more

Benefits Of Surah Kahf

Benefits of Surah Kahf Quran is more than just learning to rehearse the verses, but rather, it involves learning to understand what it says. The noble have worked tirelessly and written books of Tafseer, consisting of Stories, Tafseer, and essential point. After learning to recite the Quran, you must practices what you have learned and … Read more

Benefits Of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation While litigation and lawsuits have their place in the society, some instances for example issues to do with relationships and land can be resolved through mediation. Due to the problems we face in society, many feel that mediation is a viable option since it is cheaper than hiring attorneys. In addition to … Read more

Benefits Of Shiv Puja

Benefits of Shiv Puja Puja entails showing respect to a spirit, a god, or another diving being through songs, rituals, prayers, and invocations. A Hindu devotee should strive to attain a spiritual realm with god through shiv puja. Most often, shiv puja is facilitated through a vessel, a print, a sculpture, an object and through … Read more

Benefits Of Tahajjud Namaz

Benefits of Tahajjud Namaz Tahajjud Namaz, also known as night prayer, refers to a prayer that is performed at night by Islam followers. Waking up at night to pray is quite useful in Islam. Allah is normally quite grateful of such actions. Tahajjud Namaz brings many blessings and benefits as discussed in the following article. … Read more

Benefits Of Astaghfirullah

Benefits of Astaghfirullah Astaghfirullah is a beneficial expression that is used by Muslim followers when they want to ask for forgiveness from Allah. A Muslim requires saying the phrase numerous times, even during normal communications with other people. Furthermore, after each Salah or prayer, Muslims require repeating this expression about three times. Reciting Astaghfirullah is … Read more

Benefits Of Jesus

Benefits of Jesus Jesus is the son of God our creator and is popular amongst many people. Regrettably, only several people really comprehend the benefits that Jesus offers a person if he or she fully believes in Him. Keep in mind that the act of believing is basically a personal decision and you cannot be … Read more

Benefits Of MSC

Benefits of MSC Mission Service Corps or MSC refers to a group of missionaries who serve or work for about two years. They are responsible for their own sustenance and involvement normally means readiness to serve others. Joining the MSC provides the following benefits. 1. Special training MSC offers its members training to prepare the … Read more

Benefits Of God

Benefits of God God is regarded like the Supreme Being and is worshiped by many people throughout the world. There are numerous benefits of believing in God. Further below are benefits of God and trusting in Him. 1. Assist you during difficult times It is vital to note that God will not prevent difficult times, … Read more

Benefits Of Tahajjud

Benefits of Tahajjud Do you know the common virtues of Tahajjud? Many are not familiar with Tahujjud, a prayer that is done after Isha. The prayer has several rakaats that lie between one and eleven, and it is a must that you end the prayer with an odd number. For instance, you can pray 4 … Read more

Benefits Of Islam

Benefits of Islam Islam is a monotheistic religion that is characterized by submission to God as well as to the last prophet known as Muhammad. There are quite a number of benefits of Islam and the following article will discuss some of them. 1. Better understanding of the creator Through Islam, you are going to … Read more

Benefit of Ayatul Kursi

Benefit of Ayatul Kursi In the first verse of Surah-e-Baqarah in the holy Quran, (chapter: The cow) is also referred To Ayat Al-Kursi, meaning the only god is He the Living, Eternal and the Self-subsisting. No slumber or sleep can seize him in any way. His are all eternal things on earth and in the … Read more

Benefits Of Namaz

Benefits Of Namaz Although prayers to God can be done in any posture, but Allah- the ultimate goal of Islam and Muslims ordered them to offer prayers in certain specific postures, movements and timings. The Islamic way of prayers combines physical movements (Sala Sala’at) with spiritual exercise. Every posture of Namaz brings with it numerous … Read more

Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra

Benefit Of Gayatri Mantra Vedas are the most ancient scriptures of man and according to them the universal prayer for people of the world is Gayatri Mantra. A universal prayer means one, which can be recited for attaining spiritual and material benefits, at any time, by all women, men, and children, in any age and … Read more

Benefits Of Religion

Benefits Of Religion Religion can be defined as a strong belief in the supernatural power that holds the sole authority to control human destiny. It is an institution that helps to express our belief in a heavenly power. Religion is as old as the human civilization and came into existence when the human brain became … Read more