Benefits Of KWL

Benefits of KWL

KWL helps teachers activate a learner’s prior knowledge concerning a topic or subject and it promotes research, active reading and inquisition. The use of KWL charts is particularly beneficial like a pre-reading strategy and it also serves like a test of what learners have studied during a certain study unit. K denotes what the learners know while W signifies what they desire learning, with the L standing for the knowledge gained by the learners as they research or read. Read on for benefits KWL.

1. Promotes active learning
Active learning has become an important factor of education success and it involves other activities that learners do together in class apart from simply listening to lectures. Studies show students comprehend the topics better and also retain them for long if they can actively react to course material or lecture. KWL fosters active learning through enabling instructors to better assess their students’ learning levels during the course.

2. Encourages academic success
Because learners learn actively using the KWL, it is likely that they will become even more connected to class and the topics or subject matter. They will therefore interact with class members and teacher, increasing their chances for academic success. Furthermore, this also enhances their probability of staying in school and graduating. The great relationship between faculty and students as an essential part of KWL fosters student retention in school.

3. Enhances learning
The prior knowledge that a student has usually has a huge effect on learner performance. There is also a well-recognized relationship between learning comprehension and prior knowledge. Regardless of the ability of a student to read, high prior understanding of a certain subject area normally means better scores. Moreover, high prior understanding is also associated with enhanced learner interest in specific topics.

The downside of KWL is that learners should have prior knowledge that is relevant to their current topics, which is not possible always.

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