Benefits Of LHC

Benefits of LHC

The Large Hadron Collider or LHC is a type of particle accelerator used to carry out various studies in particle physics. The knowledge, technology and expertise got from the usage of LHC offers many benefits. Further down are benefits of LHC.

1. New technology

The science used in the LHC might not be applicable in daily life, but it is very extreme such that it pushes the current boundaries of engineering and technical solutions. The creation of the LHC actually has created new technology. This technology can be applied directly to the creation of better and new industrial, consumer and medical technologies among others.

2. Enhances knowledge

The LHC enables scientists to test different ideas and theories about the way the universe functions, its evolution and origin. The questions and answers proven using the LHC are very fundamental such that the data from these experiments will be applied and used in the future. Nevertheless, since LHC is also an experiment, new science obtained from it can be immediately applied.

3. Medical benefits

The LHC benefits are particularly felt in the medical field. For instance, about 22 million people every year undergo diagnosis through using radio-pharmaceuticals. An excellent example of this kind of therapy is the PET scan. The detectors used in PET scans were initially created like particle detectors to aid experiments on the LHC.

4. Cancer therapy

The technology attained from using LHC is also beneficial for people with cancer. Aside from assisting in medical imaging to locate cancerous tumors, this technology may help to eliminate cancer. The adoption of proton accelerators is credited with this benefit. The benefit of using protons is the fact that they basically deposit lots of energy on one place. This makes them ideal for dealing with tumors, especially the ones that are close to the delicate organs.

The LHC has a few shortcomings as well. It may result in the creation of atomic bombs that can cause lots of damage.

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