Benefits of Industrial Revolution

Benefits of Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution brings to mind pictures of factory workers and the technological and industrial developments that occurred in the past century. Although many complain about the shift in economy that caused a lot of temporary distress and unemployment to many, the fact that industrial revolution is what ultimately paved the … Read more

Benefits of Good Ergonomics

Benefits of Good Ergonomics Ergonomics refers to the process of making things more efficient. Ergonomics is no longer just a process, it is a science. According to this science, improving the efficiency of a task or a device reduces the duration required to complete the same. In order to understand the significance of this science, … Read more

Benefits of Hair Plantation

Benefits of Hair Plantation In these times when looks and style quotient are being given a lot of significance, skin care and hair care have gained a lot of importance. In this scenario, thinning hair is a great cause of concern for many. Hair fall is contributed to several factors such as diet, food and … Read more

Benefits of Upgrading RAM

Benefits of Upgrading RAM The more the RAM the better would be the performance of your computer. This is something that has been proved over time. Technically, we always equate performance to the processor; however, the RAM also plays a significant role in system performance. So, what are the benefits of upgrading your system’s RAM … Read more

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring Bamboo flooring, quite unique to the oriental culture, is commonly used as the flooring for native houses in China, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. In recent times it has become more popular among interior decorators, both due to its aesthetic value and its durability. Bamboo, basically a grass is … Read more

Benefits of Asexual Reproduction

Benefits of Asexual Reproduction In simple terms asexual reproduction refers to reproduction involving one parent only, and in stricter scientific terms it maybe described as reproduction without the fusion of gametes. It is the primary form of reproduction among single-cell organisms such as bacteria. However, there are also some plant speciesÂ’ and fungi that reproduce asexually. … Read more

Benefits of AARP

Benefits of AARP American Association of Retired Persons, popularly referred to as AARP, is a non-governmental organization and an interest group based in the United States. It was formed by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus and is currently managed by the United Health Group. The objective of this organization is to enhance the quality of life … Read more

Benefits of Ubuntu

Benefits of Ubuntu Ubuntu, one of the latest and most widely downloaded distributions of Linux has also become the most favorite flavor in a very short span of time. So what has made Ubuntu endearing to users? To understand that you must first understand what a distribution means. Linux consists of the kernel, libraries, and … Read more

Benefits of Ballet

Benefits of Ballet The word ‘ballet’ brings pictures of slim, beautiful, young lasses floating through air and gliding through the floor flowing like satin. Well, for most of us ballet is a dance form that is beautiful to watch, enjoy, and then forget about. However, most of us do not realize that it is not … Read more

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Benefits of Business Intelligence The term ‘business intelligence’ refers to the systems and processes that help to simplify and use information in an organization to enable faster and easier decision making by providing key information to the decision makers in a timely and efficient manner. Often, business intelligence is confused with the tools that simplify … Read more

Benefits of Internationalism

Benefits of Internationalism First, we had the industrial revolution, and now we have the internationalism revolution. Industrial development and trade have always been characterized by the need to keep costs low and profit margins high, this in turn has led to various developments. Today, businesses look forward to solutions that improve their profits not only … Read more

Benefits of Paying Taxes

Benefits of Paying Taxes The word ‘tax’ only reminds us of the last minute running around to file tax returns at the end of the year. Everybody thinks of ways to evade or deduct the tax they need to pay. We never relate to tax when we make demands to the government regarding public utility … Read more

Benefits of Team Work

Benefits of Team Work Be it work, play, or entertainment, togetherness is what makes it enjoyable, easy, and fun. Team work has become an essential element of any activity. Be it schools, companies, social organizations, religious organizations, political organizations, or be it your get togethers involving friends, family, or acquaintances, every activity seems to require … Read more

Benefits of Push Ups

Benefits of Push Ups For all those who have been postponing their daily work-outs with excuses of lack of equipment, lack of finance to join gyms, lack of additional skills to pursue a certain regimen, lack of time, or simply lack of motivation, here’s one simple exercise that solves all these problems. Push ups are … Read more

Benefits of Rhubarb

Benefits of Rhubarb Rhubarb, a plant native to western china is commonly cultivated in cold countries. Although technically a vegetable, practically it is often treated as a fruit and often referred to as the ‘pie plant’. It is highly tart or acidic in taste and often cooked with lot of sugar and honey to make … Read more

Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically modified organisms (GMO) refers to plants or crops that have been modified using molecular biology techniques. These plants are modified in labs or research centers with the intention of enhancing its desired traits such as pest resistance, enhancing nutrition, etc. There are natural methods of doing this however; genetic … Read more

Benefits of Learning French

Benefits of Learning French PassÃ’©, clairvoyant, R.S.V.P (rÃ’©pondez s’il vous plait) – these are some of the French words that we commonly use in English. French is not a completely unknown language. In fact, the French language is as popular as is its wine, architecture, people, cities, and culture. French is quite popular as a … Read more

Benefits of Quad Core

Benefits of Quad Core Quad core is not a familiar term to many, but it is one of those things that are soon establishing its eminence in the field of computer processing. To understand the benefits of quad core, we first need to understand what quad core means. Any processor consists of three components – … Read more

Benefits of Nuclear Weapons

Benefits of Nuclear Weapons Nuclear weapons have existed for several years now and so has the debate about the need for making these weapons. The more the arguments against it, the more and more countries want to own these weapons and establish their power. So then why all this uproar against nuclear weapons when everyone … Read more

Benefits of Abstinence

Benefits of Abstinence Abstinence is often associated with a lack of fun, but it can actually bring about several benefits that can positively impact one’s life. In this article, we will explore the benefits of abstinence and how it can enhance one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. What is abstinence? Abstinence is a term used … Read more

Benefits of Adoption

Benefits of Adoption A young lady stalked by an unwanted pregnancy. A middle-aged couple who has exhausted all means to have a child of their own and is fast losing hope of a family. The same thing bothers both these people – a child. For the former it is an unwanted burden, for the latter … Read more

Benefits of Being a Photographer

Benefits of Being a Photographer Photography is an activity that many follow as a leisure activity, as a dedicated hobby, or as a profession. It is an interesting and creative activity, but not all who have interest in photography can become professionals. Being a professional photographer requires a lot more knowledge, skill, artistic inclination, and … Read more

Benefits of Being a Chiropractor

Benefits of Being a Chiropractor Chiropractic is a stream of health care, the essence of which is the relationship between the structure and its functions, and how this relationship affects our health. Here structure basically refers to the spine and function refers to the nervous system. There is a close relationship between the spine and … Read more

Benefits of Free Trade

Benefits of Free Trade Free trade is a trade policy that allows traders to transact business without any sort of interference or intervention from the government. It is believed that free trade leads to mutual benefits for both the trading partners. It differs from other forms of trade in that there is no creation of … Read more

Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water Drink up to 8 glasses of water a day – a commonly known and even more commonly ignored aspect of healthy living. Whenever we think of health, diet, or recuperating from illness, we rarely think of the significant role of water consumption. Instead we think of diet, healthy foods, miracle foods, … Read more

Benefits of Going to College

Benefits of Going to College It is a well-known and well-accepted fact – college education is costly, time-consuming, and demanding. Yet, in recent times, more youngsters are keen to get a college education. Wonder why? To know why college education is growing in demand, let’s look at the benefits of going to college. 1.Better career … Read more

Benefits of Joining Air Force

Benefits of Joining Air Force Air Force has always been considered as a more superior service compared to the Army and the Navy. Although, not meant to denigrate the other services, there is some truth in it. To really understand why people often prefer the Air Force, let’s take a look at the various benefits … Read more

Benefits of Lecithin

Benefits of Lecithin Lecithin, a phospholipid is an important compound required by the cells in our body for maintaining overall health. Lecithin is produced in certain amounts in our own bodies. However, our diet might not be sufficient to produce the required quantities of this compound. Therefore, it is also advisable to consume foods that … Read more

Benefits of Leisure

Benefits of Leisure ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ – something we were taught in kindergarten, but something we forgot along the way. Although we are all aware of the need and benefits of leisure, it’s not until something seriously goes wrong with our health or relationships that we start thinking … Read more

Benefits of Masters Degree

Benefits of Masters Degree A Masters degree is attained by completing a graduate program that specializes in any specific subject. Often, people pursue a Masters degree to forward their career prospects or to increase their knowledge in a particular subject and thereby improve their career options. It is also a whole new world filled with … Read more

Benefits of Zucchini

Benefits of Zucchini Botanically a summer fruit, the Zucchini squash, popularly referred to as the Zucchini or summer squash, is gastronomically considered a vegetable of great nutritional value that also has several health benefits. A cylindrical shaped vegetable similar to cucumber or melon, it has a sweet and tangy flavor and is commonly available in … Read more

Benefits of Niacin

Benefits of Niacin Niacin, also referred to as nicotinic acid or vitamin B-3, is a vitamin in the B complex group and is soluble in water. White in color and crystal-like in appearance it is present in several animal and plant tissues. Niacin is essential for the normal and healthy functioning of intestinal tract, stomach, … Read more

Benefits of NAFTA

Benefits of NAFTA NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Agreement, came into force on 1st Jan, 1994, between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This agreement created the largest free trade area which is believed to have linked over 444 million people, who are producing over $17 trillion worth of goods and services. Studies have … Read more

Benefits of Yam

Benefits of Yam A vegetable that is commonly available throughout the year, yams are available in 200 varieties. This long and cylindrical shaped vegetable has a rough and scaly exterior but is creamy or firm when cooked. In many countries orange-colored sweet potatoes are often confused for yams. Yams have been long used in traditional … Read more

Benefits of Working

Benefits of Working From the day man decided to stop wandering and settle down in colonies or settlements, he has been going out to work to ensure that his family and dependents had enough food to eat. In these modern days, working is no longer limited to men and no longer do people work just … Read more

Benefits of X-rays

Benefits of X-rays X-rays are one of the most common methods used in the field of medicine to make diagnosis related to bones and joints. It is also one of the least expensive methods. There is always the fear and argument of the harmful effects of x-rays due to the exposure to radiation. However, experience … Read more

Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics The term ‘probiotics’ refers to live micro organisms, which when consumed in sufficient quantities, can provide health benefits. In 1907, a Russian scientist proposed this idea where he believed that maintaining a healthy count of this ‘bacteria’ in the large intestine would lead to good health. However, it has taken more than … Read more

Benefits of Free Education

Benefits of Free Education In the words of Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power” Power to live a decent life, Power to earn a decent income, Power that brings you respect and dignity. When knowledge can bestow the power for so many things, why should it be restricted to a few who have the advantage of … Read more

Benefits of LCD monitor

Benefits of LCD monitor The liquid crystal display (LCD) technology has been used in several electronic products over the years. Now this technology has invaded the field of computer and LCD monitors are fast replacing cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors. There are more reasons for LCDs to be more endearing than CRTs than just the … Read more

Benefits of Being a Doctor

Benefits of being a doctor It’s a long and hard way to the making of a doctor – four years of college, four years of medical school, minimum three years of work at a hospital, and if you decide to specialize then add more years of study and work experience. But, all the hard work … Read more

Benefits of Marketing

Benefits of Marketing Billboards, newspaper ads, television jingles, web promos, promo sms’s – marketing people, products, and services – all these are common scenes in day-to-day life. From your baby’s diapers to the country’s latest space shuttle, from your hair color to artificially colored roses, everything is promoted and marketed. Marketing is a way of … Read more

Benefits of Being Environment-friendly

Benefits of Being Environment-friendly Environment-friendly organization, environment-friendly transport, environment-friendly light bulbs‒¦ from dresses to food to how we travel and what we wear, everything can be made environment-friendly. In other words, the “Go Green‒ movement is already flying high with its wings spread wide. But, while on one side the need to be environment-friendly is … Read more

Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering ‘Volunteering’ – for some it is a way of life. Volunteering to conduct the office picnic or boss’ birthday party, volunteering at the community meeting to help with charity, volunteering to take care of sister’s kids for the weekend; you need help and there they are – voluntarily. But for some others, … Read more

Benefits of University Education

Benefits of University Education ‘Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.’ — Perelman These words define the significance of university education in current times. Unlike school, we don’t go to university because we ‘have to’ but because we ‘want to’. Higher education is a challenge both in terms … Read more

Benefits of Vegetarianism

Benefits of Vegetarianism Think fitness and the images that conjure alongside exercise regimens and yoga are those of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and fresh fruit juices. The term vegetarianism, also popularly known as a vegan diet is fast catching on. For some vegetarianism includes egg and milk, for others it includes only food that come … Read more

Benefits of Technology in different domains


Benefits of Technology The term “Technology” is derived from the Greek word “Technologia” and “techne” means “craft” and “logia” means the “study of something”. Technology is a very broad concept and is used to refer to several braches of science and study. Some examples are information technology, medical technology, biotechnology, etc. As the term technology … Read more