Benefits Of NGO

Benefits of NGO

An NGO is a non-governmental organization that is driven and task-oriented by individuals with one common interest. Most of the NGOs are usually structured around specific issues like health, human rights or environment. An NGO provides expertise and analysis and thus assists in monitoring international agreements.

1. Provide important local action

NGOs are very important since they offer an organization for local communication, action and also distributing resources when there are no existing local organizations. In fact, an NGO provides a mechanism that could possibly work where the government has failed. As a result, it supports grass roots initiatives as well as recognizing and responding to the realities of the local people.

2. Cheaper to implement

Since NGOs are actual non-profit organizations, various projects can be achieved without having to use the government’s money. This is because there are many private donors who support the NGOs and this means that there will never be a lack of resources. Additionally, NGOs provide a good alternative to creating mass access structures. These mass access structures are extremely cumbersome, unreliable and costly.

3. Better communication

Another major advantage of NGOs is that they have the capability of communicating at all levels. This means that they can easily interact with the local people and relay their messages to top levels of the government. They are also capable of recruiting highly motivated staff and experts with lesser restrictions than employees working for the government.

4. Innovative approaches

NGOs are flexible in becoming accustomed to local conditions and responding to the local needs. For that reason, they can experiment freely with new approaches and take risks if necessary. They can develop integrated projects to help the local people.

The major shortcoming of NGOs is the overdependence on private financial resources, especially when the donors fail to make their donations.

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