Benefits Of MySQL

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Benefits of MySQL

As web and network applications become more significant, the value of relational database management systems increases. Selecting the one that suit your needs is important to ensure quality of your application. Knowing the pros and cons of running applications such as Microsoft SQL Server will help you to decide whether it suits your current needs.

1. Enterprise-grade management application

SQL server includes enterprise database management software. On the other hand, few competitors like MySQL have created similar applications in recent years, but the SQL is more advanced and has additional features. The software provided by Microsoft SQL also provides integration the other applications like .NET framework.

2. Data Recovery Support

Since corrupt data is a concern when improper shutdowns occur, SQL server integrates new features that help promote data recovery and restoration. Even though it may not be possible to restore individual table, complete recovery options are available to retrieve the corrupt data. By using backup, caching and log files, Microsoft SQL allows the consumer to feel confident that recovery options are ample.

3. Inexpensive

MySQL is very popular since it is free. However, if you opt to have a commercial license, then there is no need for you to worry because it is inexpensive as compared to other common databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

4. Customizable

Sine MySQL is formed under the GPL; you can customize its function if you have the technical know-how. In addition, you can use server side language (SSL) to create dynamic pages. Using MySQL allows you to create interactive web sites and applications.

5. Easy to learn

The SQL language is easy to learn and use, and is available on different operating systems. MySQL can run several operating systems from Linux, FreeBSD, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows.

The main disadvantage is that MySQL servers can only operate on Windows-based applications. For this reasons, developers may decide to post their sites on UNIX -based servers.

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