Ten Useful Benefits of ODBC

Ten Useful Benefits of ODBC dOpen Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a standard and specific application programming interface (API) that helps different applications so as to access the multiple database management systems. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in doing so. Databases and file systems are easily accessed dynamically, by the use of ODBC interface … Read more

Benefits of Object Relational Mapping

Object relational mapping is a programming technique by means of which data between incompatible type systems can be converted into object oriented programming languages. This helps in creating a virtual object database which is used within the programming language. It helps in applying object-oriented analysis, programming technique, and design. More importantly one can hide the … Read more

Benefits of Hibernate Java

Benefits of Hibernate Java Hibernate Java refers to an ORM library that works under the Java virtual machine platform. ‘ ORM or object relational mapping is the main function of Hibernate and it helps any impedance mismatch problems in the Java environment by means of accessing the database via high-level object configuration and control functions. ‘ Aside … Read more

Benefits Of Data Warehousing

Benefits of Data Warehousing Data warehousing simple involves merging data from varied sources or departments into one database. Since data warehousing forms one comprehensive database, you can use several sources but the final outcome must be homogenous. Companies today spend vast resources implementing data warehouses as they help present data in a transparent manner to … Read more

Benefits Of DBMS

Benefits of DBMS Database management system simply refers to handling and managing of data. It is commonly used in small and large organizations to allow the collection of data, as well as background integration. Not only do they ensure information is easily accessed by users, but also help to facilitate data duplication. 1. Easy data … Read more

Benefits Of MS Access

Benefits of MS Access Microsoft Access is the efficient database software that enables users to handle large volumes of data. It has various features and components that make it very simple to use and highly beneficial for both large and small office environments. Further down are some of the key benefits of making use of … Read more

Benefits Of MySQL

Benefits of MySQL As web and network applications become more significant, the value of relational database management systems increases. Selecting the one that suit your needs is important to ensure quality of your application. Knowing the pros and cons of running applications such as Microsoft SQL Server will help you to decide whether it suits … Read more