Benefits of NVQ

Benefits of NVQ

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification. It is a work based award in England, Wales and Northern Ireland designed to measure competence in a professional role. To achieve an NVQ one has to prove that he has the capability to carry the job to the required Standard. It is different from ordinary course. NVQ consists of 1 (basic work activities) to 5 (senior management) levels.

  1. Benefits for the employers.

NVQ helps you in improving your employability. Completion of NVQ shows you are competent enough in the professional role. It will improve your efficiency and skills. It will also help you to understand the professional world in a better way.

  1. Benefits for the individuals

NVQ will help an individual in developing his/her knowledge, and will sharpen his/her skill. An individual will get a certificate of National Standards which will show his ability to carry out a job and will prove his competence in the occupational world. Completion of this course will help an individual work efficiently in future.

  1. Benefits for Training providers.

NVQ offers an effective way to develop staff by giving them consistent training in various fields so that they grow to a nationally recognized standard. This gives better quality of service to customers and improves efficiency. It also proves better guarantee of a job to a candidate.

  1. Benefits at the National level

NVQ is a public declaration of the abilities and skills possessed by a worker or a community of workers and thus assure one of the qualities of the services provided. A country thus prospers to become more competitive. It also provides a certification of occupational competence which makes a labor force look really attractive in front of the foreign investment market.

In business, the main advantage that a company has over its competitors is in the expertise and specialized skills that its workers are equipped with. No one wants to fall behind in the rat race and thus NVQ has become an absolutely essential if the existing employees of a company want to work at higher levels.


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