Benefits of glycolic peels

Benefits of glycolic peels

Glycolic peels refer to skin peeling treatments with the use of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is naturally sourced from various fruits and vegetables including pineapple, grapes, and sugar cane among many others. This acid is considered very helpful in terms of treating the skin from various imperfections. Many people avail of glycolic peeling services because of the following benefits:

1. Skin rejuvenation

As the name suggests, glycolic peels literally result to peeling of the external layers of the skin. This layer may be too dirty or dry and must be peeled off and removed through glycolic acid. Once the external layer of the skin of removed, newer and healthier skin will be revealed.

2. Clearing of skin imperfections

Skin peeling through glycolic acid also results to removal of various skin imperfections. Dead skin cells for example may be removed from the surface and allow for the smoother skin underneath to be revealed. Many glycolic peeling treatments also result to a more even skin tone by removing some dark spots that may have resulted from acne scars or other skin conditions. By peeling off the outermost layer, the skin will have a more even tone with less dark spots and blemishes.

3. Mild acne treatment

Glycolic peels also result to treatment of mild acne. This is especially true for people with very oily skin and those that have clogged pores. Whenever there is clogging in the skin pores, this part of the skin may be infected and result to pimple formation. Through glycolic peeling, the blockage will be removed and therefore preventing or treating possible pimple formation.

Glycolic peeling treatments are typically affordable and offered at various skin clinics and spas. Duration and frequency of treatment depends on the skin condition and the glycolic acid content of the skin product to be used for treatment. For best results and to avoid skin irritation, consultation with professional dermatologists is always advised.

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