Whole body vibration therapy


Whole Body Vibration Therapy is among the most beneficial technologies ever introduced. It is not a recent technology; it was used very many years ago. However N.A.S.A started testing it and incorporated it in their programs. It is a therapy beneficial to everyone however there are those medical conditions which may not allow you to partake. When vibration therapy is used well, you will able to safely as well as gently ease into a better level of well-being. Initially the therapy was costly but now it is affordable and you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home.

Benefit one is toning as well as strengthening your muscles in as little as just 3 weeks. It usually takes normal work out and exercising months to give such results. You will have to be disciplined and very focused in your workout routine. Studies have shown astonishing results of improved fitness in a very short duration. The technology is legit and is being accepted by rehabilitation, medical as well as therapeutic centers. Some of the sports teams have adopted whole body vibration so as to develop strength especially during rehabilitation.

Benefit two is increased body density in about 6 to 8 weeks. Body density is the proportion of body fat present in your body as compared to the overall mass. The knowledge of body density is very crucial in fitness plans and nutrition. Vibration therapy helps reduce the body fat and this increased the body density which puts you in a healthier state. It is not easy to get the exact amount of body fat but the BMI (Body Mass Index) gives a good estimate.

Benefit three is increasing production of human growth hormones, neurophin, serotonin, endorphins as well as testosterone. These are some of the hormones that are produced during a workout. You will feel and look younger; have a lot more energy and more vital as well as fitter.

Benefit four is the fact that you are less stressed after a session of vibration therapy. This mainly happened because the hormone responsible for stress called cortisol is suppressed.

Benefit five is the decreasing level of cellulite. Cellulites are caused by no weight bearing exercises, little circulation of all body fluids, having inactive muscles as well as imbalanced hormonal levels. Vibration therapy causes short burst of pressure and movement in the muscles. This increases the balance in the hormonal levels, increases the circulation of blood as well as other body fluids, and makes your muscles active. This is how whole body vibration therapy helps to reduce the cellulite levels.

Benefit six is looking young because the skin is tightened through the therapy. With the whole body vibration, hundreds of muscles are contracting with every minute which means you will have firmer muscles. Eventually as your muscles tone, your skin is pulled back and made firmer.

Whole body vibration is basically a therapy that enhances the quality of your life and brings wellness to anyone is any physical condition.

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