Benefit Of PNF

Benefit of PNF PNF stretching is a form of flexibility exercise that involves contracting and stretching the targeted set of muscles. It was originally developed to help those recovering from injury but is now used by athletes and body builders alike to target specific muscle groups to help improve muscular strength, as well as flexibility. … Read more

Benefits Of PNF Stretching

Benefits of PNF Stretching PNF stretching or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation refers to an advanced type of flexibility workout. It entails both stretching as well as contracting specific muscle groups. PNF stretching offers the following benefits. 1. Increase flexibility The major objective of PNF training is basically to hasten or promote the neuromuscular mechanism’s response by … Read more

Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits of stretching Stretching can be observed everywhere, starting with the animal kingdom, where after a resting period or sleep the beast stretches and even yawns in preparation to become animate again, down to the humans, who consider stretching to be an intricate part of any exercise routine. The principals of stretching can be found … Read more