Benefits of Vibration Therapy in Men

Benefits of Vibration Therapy in Men Vibration medicine is another name for vibration therapy that has put a scientist view on wellness and health. It is basically based on the scientific principle that all matter will vibrate through natural forms of energy. A vibration is basically a wave send through your body over and over … Read more

Osteoporosis and vibration therapy

OSTEOPOROSIS AND VIBRATION THERAPY The whole body vibration therapy is the motorized repetitive movements or an oscillatory motion that is goes around an equilibrium point. This is basically a transfer of energy from the vibration platforms to your body. The types of machines used vary from size to the force used for vibration therapy. Whole … Read more

Benefits of chicken soup

Chicken soup is a common favorite meal for many people around the world. ‘ Some people prefer to have them at breakfast time while other people love to have this meal during cold nights and lazy days. ‘ Whatever the reason is, chicken soup is not only delicious but also provides various benefits including the following: 1. … Read more

Benefits of Agni Sara

Benefits of Agni Sara Agni Sara refers to a position or yoga practice that combines the qualities of asana training and pranayama. ‘ This practice focuses on muscle contractions in the abdominal area and pelvic region. This particular yoga practice is also referred to as practicing internal fire as it literally fires up the body from … Read more

Benefits of HMB supplements

Benefits of HMB supplements HMB refers to a bodybuilding supplement discovered by a doctor named Steve’ Nissen. It is also called beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate and can be used as a’ nutritional supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts. The basic’ effect of HMB is to decrease the breakdown of muscle tissue which is beneficial to the’ serious athlete or … Read more

Benefits Of Decline Bench Press

Benefits of Decline Bench Press Do you desire to have a well-chiseled chest? Well, the decline bench press is a must-do routine if you want to tone your chest. The most common bench exercises include the decline bench press and the incline bench press- both of which emphasize on different muscle groups. You can decide … Read more

Benefits Of Pullovers

Benefits of Pullovers Barbell pullover typically targets the latissimus dorsi muscle, located at your lower back. This muscle is very powerful and supports other muscles. Barbell pullover is an effective isolation routine that target a single muscle. The exercise can enhance your performance in your field of sport as long as you stick to your … Read more

Benefits Of Fish Oil for Women

Benefits of Fish Oil for Women Fish oil is vital for better health and taking fish oil supplements daily can provide you various health benefits. However, women actually get more benefits from consuming fish oil in contrast with men. Below are major reasons why fish oil is vital for promoting women’s health. 1. Alleviates PMS … Read more

Benefits Of Flexing

Benefits of Flexing Flexing is the process where muscle tissues present in a certain muscle group contract, which causes a significant enhancement in width of the muscles. This particular process is vital when doing weightlifting workouts since it is responsible for assisting the body move and lift the weights. Further down are more benefits of … Read more

Benefits Of Cooling Down

Benefits of Cooling Down While exercising with friends at the gym, I noticed that many people often skip two essential parts. It is important that you start up with warm-up exercise and end with light stretching exercise, commonly known as a cool-down. This is important so that you prevent muscle injury and strain. 1. Improves … Read more

Benefits Of Skim Milk

Benefits of Skim Milk Skim milk contains about 0.5% of milk fat and it is manufactured through removing high amounts of fat found in whole milk. It is usually preferred by most people due to its nutritional worth. The benefits of skim milk consumption range from controlling weight to muscle development and staying healthy. Below … Read more

Benefits Of Swedish massage

Benefits of Swedish massage Swedish massage entails the use of various strokes to fully manipulate the muscle tissue of a client. Passive or active movements of joints might also be included in this massage. Aside from providing relaxation, Swedish massage also provides other benefits as illustrated below. 1. Alleviates pain Physicians believe that the use … Read more

Benefits Of Weightlifting

Benefits of Weightlifting Weightlifting is mainly about enhancing muscle tone and muscle strength. For people with naturally high testosterone levels, weightlifting causes a considerable increase in size of muscles. Here are more benefits of using weightlifting. 1. Reduces risk of diseases Staying mentally and physically fit through weightlifting increases longevity through lowering the risk of … Read more