Benefits of piriformis stretch

Benefits of piriformis stretch

The piriformis is a muscle that is situated at the deeper levels in the area near the buttocks. ‘ Part of this muscle is attached to outer part of the hip and another part is connected to the sacrum which is a part of the spine in the lower back region. ‘ Tightness of this muscle is a common occurrence and so stretching it will give various health benefits. ‘ Doing piriformis stretching exercises or routines will provide the following benefits:

1. Relief of pain

With its attachment to the sacrum, a tight piriformis muscle may cause pain in the sacrum or lower back region. By literally stretching the tight piriformis muscle, a person will experience relief of pain almost instantly. ‘ One just needs to make sure that the stretching is done in the right manner to maximize the effort and fully stretch the muscle. ‘ Another type of pain called sciatica may also be relieved by a piriformis stretch. ‘ The sciatic nerve passes to the area where the piriformis is located and whenever it is squeezed by the tightening of the muscle, pain and numbness may occur at the hip and buttocks area and this may radiate to the legs. ‘ Doing a piriformis stretch will also relieve this type of pain.

2. Better muscle functioning

As with any other muscle in the body, stretching is essential for its optimum functioning. ‘ In the case of piriformis, if properly stretched before a workout for example, it will help achieve better range of motion and functioning of the hip joint and the lower back region.

3. Lower chance of injuries

Stretching the piriformis also helps prevents injuries to it. ‘ Before any physical activity is done, muscles need to be warmed up for better functioning and to prevent injuries to it. ‘ For the piriformis muscle, if it suddenly activated for use during a heavy exercise for example, some tearing may occur and this may lead to muscle injury and pain.

Athletes, regular exercises, low back and hip pain sufferers would attest to the relief they get when doing piriformis stretches. ‘ Doctors, therapists, and other experts also frequently recommend this procedure or activity for various cases of lower back pain and sciatica and to help prevent injuries before exercise.

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