Benefits of uphill walking

Benefits of uphill walking

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise. ‘ It can be done anytime, almost anywhere, and by almost anybody. ‘ For kids and adults, walking can be a means of exercising for a family and it could also serve as a bonding activity for all members which may be of different ages. ‘ Doing it uphill is even a better exercise and could provide the following benefits:

1. ‘ Better cardiovascular fitness

Walking on flat ground is a great exercise for the cardiovascular system in itself. ‘ Doing it uphill makes it an even better exercise because it requires stronger muscle work and stronger pumping of the heart. ‘ With regular uphill walking, one can expect to have improved heart function and better muscle performance when compared to generic brisk walking on flat roads.

2. ‘ Strong leg muscles

The legs play the major role for uphill walking activities. ‘ With greater exertion from leg muscles while climbing up on hills for example, leg muscles will also get more tone without necessarily gaining more girth. ‘ With regular uphill climbing, people’s legs will get leaner and more firm muscles.

3. Greater Calorie Burn

Uphill walking will literally result to more calories burned for a specified period of time when compared to walking on flat surfaces. ‘ This is mainly due to the fact that the leg muscles and core muscles of the trunk will exert more effort in propelling the body to move forward during the uphill walk or climb. ‘ With more effort from major muscle groups, more calories will also be burned to supply the body’s energy needs.

In uphill walking, the surface or hill need not be very steep in order to get benefits from this particular exercise or activity. ‘ People of all ages can do this activity almost anytime they want without having to use any special equipment or gear. ‘ Each person just needs to commit to the exercise to get its various physical and health benefits.

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