Benefits Of Family Planning

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Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning basically involves choosing to only have a specific number of kids and also evading pregnancy at undesirable times. It also comprises of the purposely spacing of kids by a specific number of years. Some of the family planning practices include birth control, abstinence and fertility awareness. Family planning has benefits for their entire family and society as well.

1. Financial benefits
Family planning is extremely beneficial to a family’s current and future financial situation. Using birth control methods during times of financial hardships, while setting some money apart for unseen problems like illness during periods of prosperity will assist steer away from the monetary anxiety that unplanned pregnancies may bring.

2. Benefits women
Very many women die due to childbirth every year throughout the world. Most of these cases involve young women who have already had more than three or four children. Proper family planning programs can lower the danger of death or maternal mortality in such women. Furthermore, lessening the cases of abortions can generally enhance women’s health.

3. Benefits children
Family planning helps ensure that all the children that a certain household has are wanted. The WHO commends that children should be spread out approximately 2 years apart. Kids that are born closer to their older siblings have a high risk of unhealthy birth weight and premature birth. These can result in several health issues or even death.

4. Benefits the family
When a family has the desired number of kids, it promotes happiness and also lower the stress linked to providing for more kids than planned. If a mother can plan the exact period she desires to have kids, then she can also ensure that she takes advantage of career and educational chances. The family will therefore save sufficient money for buying a good home and providing the kids with the necessary requirements.

Conversely, some methods of family planning like taking pills can affect the well-being of women using them. Normally, they cause an increase in weight.

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