Benefits Of Hydroelectric Energy

Benefits of Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy refers to electrical energy that is produced through using water. Hydropower is widely-used all over the world and it has several advantages for those who utilize it, electricity suppliers and the environment. Actually, hydropower represents 20% of total world electricity production. Find the advantages of hydroelectric energy below.

1. Renewable energy
Hydroelectric energy is renewable as it adheres to the natural water cycle. Provided precipitation is present through snow or rain, water will also be accessible for running the turbines. Furthermore, hydroelectric energy does not depend on finite resources such as coal or natural gas to produce power.

2. Minimal pollution
In general, the pollution produced through hydroelectric creation is very minimal. Even though some pollution is involved during the initial construction of the power station, this happens in all power producing plants. Hydropower plants also do not create radioactive waste, which is very harmful to the environment.

3. Reliable
Hydroelectric energy is highly reliable and provided water is available, energy is going to be generated. Using this kind of energy for generating electricity is independent of the price of oil, uranium or other fuels. This means electricity will be produced steadily throughout the year, thus lowering electricity costs significantly.

4. Requires minimal employees
It does not require many workers to operate a hydroelectric power station. Most hydropower plants are normally automated, meaning that the number of employees is kept low. This is one of the reasons that electricity generated by hydroelectric stations is quite low.

5. More profitable
Small hydroelectric production systems generally offer better economic benefits when used by home owners as compared to solar power. They also last much longer in comparison with solar panels.

The shortcoming associated with hydroelectric energy is the high construction cost as expensive turbines have to be installed after a very huge dam has been created.

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