Benefits of ravensara oil

Benefits of ravensara oil

Ravensara is an essential oil that is sourced from the leaves of the ravensara tree which can be found abundantly in Madagascar. ‘ Through a process called steam distillation, the oil from the leaves is said to cure various ailments and disease. ‘ For many people in Madagascar, ravensara oil is considered a very important tool against various sickness and disease as it is able to give the following benefits:

1. Fights of Bacterial infections

Ravensara oil is known to contain various chemicals and substances including alpha pinene, methyl chavicol, germecreme, and terpineol among many others. ‘ These substances are said to be good agents against some common bacterial infections like those involving the respiratory tract. ‘ People with cold sores and sinusitis are said to gain relief from ravensara oil treatment. With its anti-bacterial properties, some people use ravensara oil as a disinfecting agent. ‘ The oil literally works by killing bacteria and preventing its spread to other areas of the body.

2. Promotes relaxation

Ravensara oil is also widely used as a massage oil to relieve muscle tension and body pains. ‘ People who are very stressed from physical and mental work are said to benefit from the oil’s soothing effect on the muscles and the overall mental being of the person.

3. Promotes detoxification

Known to have diuretic properties, ravensara oil is able to help in terms of toxin elimination from the body. ‘ Through excretion of waste materials from the body by means of urination, some harmful toxins may be removed through the help of ravensara oil.

The use of ravensara oil is safe and non-toxic to the body. ‘ Many people also use it along with other essential oils to maximize its health and medical benefits. ‘ Oils from lavender, sandal wood, grapefruit, and cedar wood for example are commonly mixed with ravensara oil to improve aroma and further promote healing and good health.

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