Benefits of Agni Sara

Benefits of Agni Sara Agni Sara refers to a position or yoga practice that combines the qualities of asana training and pranayama. ‘ This practice focuses on muscle contractions in the abdominal area and pelvic region. This particular yoga practice is also referred to as practicing internal fire as it literally fires up the body from … Read more

Benefits of Cellfood

Benefits of Cellfood Cellfood refers to various diet supplements that are manufactured by NuScience’ Corporation. Many of these supplements are marketed as health aids and they are’ usually available in oral tablets and capsules or liquid form. Regular consumption of’ Cellfood supplements can provide the following benefits: 1. Detoxification Various health supplements including Cellfood offer detoxifying properties to … Read more

Benefits of ravensara oil

Benefits of ravensara oil Ravensara is an essential oil that is sourced from the leaves of the ravensara tree which can be found abundantly in Madagascar. ‘ Through a process called steam distillation, the oil from the leaves is said to cure various ailments and disease. ‘ For many people in Madagascar, ravensara oil is considered a … Read more

Benefits Of Essiac Tea

Benefits of Essiac Tea Essiac tea has become popular due to its many health benefits. Studies have shown that it can help improve function of your immune system as well as detoxification. You can use it to treat a wide range of disease and can help boost your overall health. Here are the reasons why … Read more