Benefits of Kashi cereal

Benefits of Kashi cereal

Kashi cereals are cereal-based products made by the Kashi Company, which is a subsidiary of a popular cereal brand, Kellogg’s. ‘ Kashi cereals are said to be based from the Russian “kasha”, a breakfast meal that contains crushed grains and served with other items like meat, honey, milk, and/or sugar. ‘ Kashi cereals contain a total of seven grains and provide the following benefits:

1. High in protein

The grains in Kashi cereal contain high amounts of protein which are essential for health. ‘ With the high protein content, various weight-watchers prefer Kashi cereal over other products because protein actually makes people fuller longer. ‘ The protein content basically performs the function of curbing one’s appetite when faced with a variety of food choices.

2. ‘ High fiber content

The seven grains contained in Kashi cereals all contribute to the fiber content of this breakfast product. ‘ Fiber is known to be good for people with digestion problems and those who are trying to lose some weight. ‘ With healthy amounts of fiber from Kashi cereals, people will get less hungry and therefore lose some weight in the process.

3. Natural sugar content

Sugars and carbohydrates have been considered enemies by many health experts because of their contribution to possible obesity and other health problems. ‘ But as for Kashi cereals, the sugar content is taken from cane juice making it a natural product preferred by the health-conscious.

4. Vitamin content

Kashi cereals also contain various vitamins and minerals which help maintain overall health. ‘ All varieties of this product contain some amounts of zinc, Vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Besides the fiber and vitamin content of Kashi cereals, this breakfast product also boasts of other nutrients like grape seeds which are great anti-oxidants. ‘ This makes Kashi cereals a truly healthy breakfast alternative to the generic and artificially-sweetened cereals that are available in the market today.

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