Benefits of Vibram

Benefits of Vibram

Vibram refers to a brand of shoe that is famous for the “five-fingers” design. ‘ The shoe is basically patterned from running or walking on barefoot with the shoe design that accommodates all five toes and gives them space to move around a little just like having no shoes at all. ‘ Proponents of Vibram’s so-called five-fingers shoe emphasize the fact that people’s feet are designed to get cues from the ground for them to function more efficiently. ‘ And using Vibram shoes is said to be the closest thing to being barefoot. ‘ The following are the reported benefits of using Vibram shoes:

1. More efficient run

Studies have shown that people will basically run a little faster and somewhat longer with Vibram shoes as compared to generic rubber shoes. ‘ This is due to the fact that the feet will have more contact and sensation with the ground and thereby giving more effective cues in terms of balance, stability, propulsion, and overall running performance.

2. Improved strength in some muscles

With Vibram’s supposedly improved foot contact to the ground, other specific muscles on the foot and the legs will also get more strengthening when compared to generic running shoes. ‘ With many muscle groups specifically strengthened, injuries may also be prevented. ‘ Targeted stimulation of muscles in the foot and legs is also beneficial for those who have musculo-skeletal ailments.

3. Better foot function

Toes will improve in terms of range of motion when using Vibram shoes. ‘ More nerve endings on the sole of the feet will also be stimulated and this will result to better communication from the foot to the body and brain. ‘ With better neural stimulation, people will also experience more stability when running for example.

Wearing or using Vibram shoes basically gives a more natural experience for a particular runner or exerciser. ‘ With increased sensation and stimulation on the feet, people will have a near-barefoot experience which is overall a good thing.

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