Benefits Of Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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Benefits of Object Oriented Analysis and Design

For those of you who are not familiar with programming or object oriented analysis and design, this article will provide a brief explanation of approaching software assessment and design by OOP. Like structured programming, OOP is designed to handle complex software systems and provides a number of benefits. For starters, they are reusable, scalable and easier to maintain just to mention but a few.

1. Easy to understand
The primary benefit of object oriented analysis and design is that it is understandable. The approach of this model builds on common paradigms that most people use to deal with complexity. Therefore, software developers and programmers are able to decompose complex problems into objects. With that said, OOP provide ease of use as it enables programmers to translate complex theories into objects and classification hierarchies.

2. Maintainability
OOP systems are convenient and easy to operate compared to structured programs. It therefore becomes easier to identify errors early in the software development process. The OOP design has become popular with software developers due to its maintainability.

3. Data reuse
Encapsulation binds code and enables the implementation of classes without constant changes to its constituent services (for example modifying the code without altering the old one). Additionally, OOP programs are scalable as compared to their structured application software counterparts. This is because OOP allows reusing of code in new applications.

4. Re-usable
Since objects contain functions and data, objects are considered as ‘’boxes”, commonly known as encapsulation. This enables reuse of old data in new applications, whereas messages offer a predefined platform to the object’s functionality. This way, you can modify one object in the context of your choice.

The drawbacks of OOP are evident in the modification of systems that have in-build structured languages. However, the technical aspect of this design does not pose much difficultly when your understand coding.

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