Osteoporosis and vibration therapy

OSTEOPOROSIS AND VIBRATION THERAPY The whole body vibration therapy is the motorized repetitive movements or an oscillatory motion that is goes around an equilibrium point. This is basically a transfer of energy from the vibration platforms to your body. The types of machines used vary from size to the force used for vibration therapy. Whole … Read more

Benefits of resistance band training

Benefits of resistance band training Resistance band training is a tool used for physical exercise. It is an elastic type rubber band which is well known for its flexibility, versatility and effectiveness. It helps in improving your strength, speed, power, dexterity and other functional movements. These are simple exercise tools used in home with ease. … Read more

Benefits of jivamukti yoga

Benefits of jivamukti yoga Jivamukti yoga is a type of yoga that was developed only in recent times, particularly in the middle of 1980s. ‘ Its core principle involves achieving enlightenment and awareness of self and surroundings. This type of yoga basically combines modern interpretations of the yoga poses along with the traditional meditative and chanting … Read more

Benefits of substitute teaching

Benefits of substitute teaching Substitute teaching is a temporary teaching position that is preferred by some teaching professionals. ‘ Some people also refer to this type of teaching profession as “guest teaching” since the teacher involved acts like a guest to a certain school because his/her stay may only be for a short period of time. … Read more

Benefits of “downward facing dog pose”

Benefits of “downward facing dog pose” The downward facing dog position is a type of yoga position wherein one’s body is fully bent over with both hands also touching the ground along with one’s feet. ‘ In this position, the body is also shaped like a pyramid and it literally forces one to face downwards or … Read more

Benefits Of Flexibility

Benefits Of Flexibility The highest range of motion that is available around a joint is known as Flexibility. It is also known as ROM. The major limiting factor of ROM is the makeup of the joint. The main reason for this variability in ROM is because of the elasticity in the muscles and the tendons … Read more