Benefits of “downward facing dog pose”

Benefits of “downward facing dog pose”

The downward facing dog position is a type of yoga position wherein one’s body is fully bent over with both hands also touching the ground along with one’s feet. ‘ In this position, the body is also shaped like a pyramid and it literally forces one to face downwards or the floor. ‘ This is what makes people refer to this pose as the downward facing dog position. ‘ From a yoga standpoint, this pose can provide the following benefits:

1. ‘ Activation of other body muscles

Standing and sitting upright for example are basic positions that people are used to be in. ‘ In any of these cases, the force of gravity basically assists one’s body weight in maintaining them. ‘ With the downward facing dog pose meanwhile, the force from gravity will be altered and shifted because both hands and feet are planted on the ground and in this way, other sets of muscles in the body will be activated to maintain such position. ‘ With the downward facing dog position, more muscles will be exercised.

2. Increased tone for the arms and legs

With both hands and feet planted on the ground while maintaining the downward facing dog pose, all the muscles in these areas will also get more toned. ‘ This is especially noticeable with the muscles in the arms as they are not used to having to carry part of the body’s weight throughout a given day.

3. Improve flexibility

The downward facing dog pose will also help increase flexibility of the spine just by maintaining this particular position. ‘ With the hips bent and maintained like it is the apex of a triangle, the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the spine will be stretched.

Doing yoga positions like the downward facing dog pose will basically be beneficial to one’s health. Aside from the expected flexibility boost, many muscle areas will also get more toning and exercise. ‘ Breathing is also an integral part in doing yoga poses and so lung function will also be boosted.

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