Benefits of jivamukti yoga

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Benefits of jivamukti yoga

Jivamukti yoga is a type of yoga that was developed only in recent times, particularly in the middle of 1980s. ‘ Its core principle involves achieving enlightenment and awareness of self and surroundings. This type of yoga basically combines modern interpretations of the yoga poses along with the traditional meditative and chanting aspects. ‘ Doing jivamukti yoga regularly can provide various health benefits including:

1. Improved Flexibility

As with other types of yoga, the practice of jivamukti yoga also results to improvements in flexibility. ‘ One main feature of this type of yoga is to do the poses more intensely and therefore improves muscle and soft tissue elasticity that leads to overall increase in flexibility.

2. Improved Strength

The poses involved in jivamukti yoga also help strengthen various muscles groups in the body. ‘ Some poses will put stress on the core abdominal muscles and therefore strengthening them, while other poses will make one’s arms and legs work hard. ‘ For some people, jivamukti yoga is a perfect form of exercise for the whole body.

3. Improved Breathing

Yoga poses also emphasize breathing patterns and techniques. ‘ With regular practice of jivamukti yoga, overall breathing will be improved as the lungs will be strengthened during the exercise.

4. Sense of wellness

Jivamukti yoga also gives an overall sense of improved wellness as the exercises also involve breathing techniques and meditation. ‘ With concentration a big part of the exercise session, one will also achieve some sort of inner peace which will translate to an improve sense of well-being.

As with many other forms of exercise, jivamukti yoga is able to provide various health benefits. The best thing about this particular exercise is that it does not require expensive equipment or a large space to do the exercises. ‘ One just have to find a small quiet space to do the yoga poses and reap the benefits later.

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