Benefits Of Blood Doping

Benefits of Blood Doping

Blood doping refers to the medical practice of increasing red blood cells content in blood so as to boost athletic performance. Since RBCs transport oxygen lungs to muscles, increased amount of these cells in blood improves an individual’s endurance and aerobic capacity. Discover key benefits of blood doping by reading the following article.

1. Increases endurance
Blood doping is very effective in increasing a person’s endurance levels. Endurance refers to the power or capability of doing a certain activity for long periods without getting tired. Such a trait is important for any athlete or individual in body building workouts. Blood doping is said to enhance endurance levels by about 5%, thereby increasing overall performance.

2. Benefits long exercises
Through blood doping, people who take part in long exercises such as marathon running and cross country skating and skiing, can increase their effectiveness. The main logic behind blood doping is essentially improving the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. With additional oxygen being provided to muscles, a person’s susceptibility to exhaustion is reduced, ensuring that long exercises are completed without fail.

3. Improves performance
Every year, an athlete’s need to perform appears to rise by a high percentage. The reasons for this rise may be attributed to improved conditioning techniques, better methods of training and also improved overall athlete health. However, blood doping offers athletes a way of easily getting a competitive edge over other athletes. They can enhance their athletic prowess and thus improve their performance.

4. Avoids oxygen depletion
During exercises of high intensity, such as weight training, oxygen usually becomes depleted. The body therefore cannot get sufficient amounts of oxygen for it to optimally perform. This state is known as oxygen debt, which may lead to formation of lactic acid. Blood doping prevents both oxygen depletion and also lactic acid formation.
Nevertheless, blood doping is highly risky and there is a high chance of getting heart attacks due to blood clotting.

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