Benefits of burpees

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Benefits of burpees

Burpees refer to exercise moves that incorporate squatting, push-ups, and jumping. The basic movement starts with a basic squat and this is followed by pushing the legs back to do some pushups. The next position is back to a squat with simultaneous jumping at the end part. After the jump, one has to make the squatting position again and repeat the cycle. Depending on one’s program, burpees may be done for several repetitions in a speed manner or may be down a little slower with emphasis on doing the pushups, squats, and jumps effectively. Proponents of the burpee exercise advise people of all ages to try it as their fitness routine as it provides benefits like:

1. Increase in strength and/or endurance

Any type of exercise, as long as they are done regularly, will help increase strength and endurance. The good thing about burpees is that it can be done to improve both strength and endurance. For strength training, the movements should be done in quick succession. For endurance athletes, movements may be done slowly and positions should be held longer.

2. Fat burn

For people who have unwanted inches in their thighs or abdominal area and for those who want to lose some extra weight, doing burpees is a great way to do so. While gaining muscle strength and overall endurance, regular burpee sessions will also help people burn extra calories and fat. If done regularly, burpees alone can help people lose unwanted weight.

3. Muscle toning

People who regularly exercise may not all have the appearance of toned bodies. This is especially true for people who only do cardiovascular exercises. With burpees, not only will people improve their cardiovascular health, they will also be able to tone their muscles. Burpee’s exercises involve a total body workout and so the toning will affect both upper body and lower body muscles.
In order to be successful in achieving one’s fitness and health goals through burpees, proper technique and positioning should be done. For beginners, they must seek the advice of the experts in order to gain most out of the exercise and prevent injury.

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