Benefits of rahu dasa

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Benefits of rahu dasa

Rahu Dasa or Rahu Dasha/Mahadasha is a period of uncertainty in Indian astrology. Rahu refers to the demon God and represents part of the moon. Whenever this moon passes through the different planets at different parts of a person’s life, it will result to both positive and negative energies. At the time when dasa or mahadasha is activated, the effect of Rahu results to being in a state of Rahu Dasa that lasts supposedly for 18 years of a person’s life. Depending on the way the planets are positioned, Rahu Dasa may also bring some benefits to people and these include:

1. Increased wealth

At the time of Rashi exaltation, when the demon God Rahu will pass, a person is said to be in a favorable state. At this time of a person’s life, he/she may accumulate various favors in the form of wealth and personal belongings. It is also at this time when people may be able to find the means to build their dream houses because of increased physical blessings and gifts.

2. Favorable moments in life

Part of the Rahu Dasa cycle also involves favorable conditions in life especially during the Jupiter and Mercury Bukthi cycle. At this point in a person’s life, he/she may get recognition for his work or may even get promoted. Friendships are also said to flourish at these parts of the Rahu Dasa cycle.

3. Better health

Some periods of Rahu Dasa will also result to better health. This is due to the fact that external influences are improving in the form of positive contributions from friends and work colleagues. Family concerns are also good at some points and this will also contribute to better overall health.

Going through the Rahu Dasa cycle is likened to driving into a dark and foggy street. Everything seems uncertain and things could go either way – good or bad. In order to battle the supposed negative elements of this cycle, one must prepare him/herself to properly react to circumstances whether they are favorable or not. In this way, one may gain the various benefits of Rahu Dasa.

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