Benefits of BodyPump

Benefits of BodyPump

BodyPump refers to a group exercise program developed by Less Mills International. ‘ The exercise program involves about one hour of cardiovascular and strength training exercises that are done with specific music tracks for each of the eight muscle groups involved. ‘ The total workout starts with a warm-up segment and this will be progressed to different exercises for the different parts of the body using one’s own weight and simple gym equipment like dumbbells and barbells. ‘ BodyPump exercise sessions can provide the following benefits:

1. Improved strength

Exercises involved in BodyPump sessions include lifting weights for the different muscle groups in the body. ‘ Weight-lifting is a great way to strengthen muscles and give them more tone.

2. Improved endurance

The one-hour BodyPump session also helps boost endurance levels along with the gains in muscle strength. ‘ The starting segment makes use of the lightest weight and this is progressed to heavier ones going into the final tracks. ‘ Along this process, endurance will also be built as some parts of the exercise involve exertion without weights.

3. Easier Weight management

Whether a person’s goal is to gain, lose, or maintain weight, BodyPump could be a great program to achieve either of these goals. ‘ Regular exercise will also keep the muscles more efficient in terms of energy use and calorie burn and so weight management will become easier as one gets better in the program.

4. Improved fun and motivation

BodyPump exercise sessions involved groups and so individuals will find it easier to motivate themselves because they can share this activity with friends and colleagues. ‘ Having other people share the same exercise activity and goal will also make it more fun to for some people.

BodyPump exercises basically promote better overall health since it involves both cardiovascular and endurance exercises. ‘ People will also find it fun and easy as exercise sessions are designed with a group exercise format.

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