Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness refers to endurance-based activities or exercises. ‘ The effort that people put into an exercise program is usually minimal or medium in terms of intensity. ‘ But because the exercise intensity is only at this level, people can do the exercise for a prolonged period. ‘ Through aerobic fitness, the body’s use of oxygen in terms of metabolism is maximized for efficiency. ‘ Experts in health and fitness advocate aerobic fitness for the following benefits:

1. Improved respiration

Since aerobic fitness involves activities done in long bouts, muscles involved in respiration are strengthened in the process. ‘ One can achieve better breathing techniques especially during exertion because of aerobic fitness.

2. Improved circulation and heart function

The body’s circulatory system will experience a benefit in terms of proper blood flow to and from the heart. ‘ The muscles of the heart will also gain more efficiency in pumping out blood for the rest of the body. ‘ Because of these improvements, blood pressure may also be lowered in many individuals.

3. Strengthened core muscles

Strength is gained with regular exercise, but with aerobic fitness, more core muscles will be activated during the activity. ‘ Muscles in the back and the legs for example perform core function in balance and locomotion and they are given a strength boost with regular aerobic exercises.

4. Burning of extra calories

The more people do aerobic exercises, the more calories they burn. ‘ With regular aerobic activity, the body will be able to burn extra energy that may otherwise be converted to fat. ‘ Along with gaining strength, muscles will become leaner and more efficient in burning extra calories or fat.

The best thing about aerobic fitness is that it can be done by almost anybody regardless of age. ‘ One can also start at his/her own pace or schedule and build-up the intensity and duration as he/she goes along with an aerobic fitness program. ‘ Every effort will also count as the body will benefit overall for the regular exercise activity.

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