Six Benefits of Virtual Servers

Six Benefits of Virtual Servers Setting up a physical server environment can be a gruesome task as it amounts to large capital investment and labor. Moreover, it also needs constant maintenance which does not reduce the cost in any way – rather increases it. For a large enterprise where physical multi-server setup is essential to … Read more

Benefits Of API

Benefits of API API stands for application program interface and it refers to some protocols, tools and routines for creating software applications. An excellent API makes developing a program much easier through offering all the required building blocks. The programmer then arranges the blocks to come up with a program. 1. Promotes consistency The reason … Read more

Benefits Of Software Assurance

Benefits of Software Assurance Most large companies offer Software Assurance like a part of the licensing agreement. SA offers significant benefits to assist people upgrade and also get more from their existing software. It also provides support when required. Read on for more benefits of Software Assurance. 1. Easy upgrade Anytime you are prepared to … Read more

Benefits Of Microsoft Office

Benefits of Microsoft Office MS Office or Microsoft Office is a common software suite that features several programs. Actually, it is filled with every program that might require being used in any office environment. Computer users now have the chance to choose between various MS Office suites designed for home users, corporations, small businesses and … Read more

Benefits Of Picasa

Benefits of Picasa Picasa is Google’s highly effective photo organizing and editing software that is accessible for free. It will assist you easily find, edit, organize and also share your favorite pictures on the internet. In addition, Picasa offers several ways to share pictures, with all of them being integrated tightly with other efficient Google … Read more

Benefits Of GIT over SVN

Benefits of GIT over SVN I have come across dozens of magazines that outline the reasons one should consider GIT over Subversion, if you don’t care about minor speed variances, or all the hardcore tools that you might only get to use once. Most folks want tangible differences with respect to software interaction, therefore something … Read more

Benefits Of Fedora

Benefits of Fedora Fedora is a Linux based operating system that is open source. It was designed to promote the development of free software. Spotify, a leading internet music player has now become a reality with fedora. Below are the reasons you should consider using an open source operating system. 1. Enhanced security features Security … Read more

Benefits Of SAP CRM

Benefits of SAP CRM Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) offers deep analysis and insight to anticipate consumer needs and create profitable, lasting customer relationship. In other words, consumer interaction plays an essential role in determining the success of your business. Read on and learn the importance of implementing SAP CRM software in your business. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of OOP

Benefits of OOP Object oriented programming or OOP offers various advantages to both a user and program designer. It contributes to provide solutions to most of the problems linked to the development of software. OOP promises better programmer productivity, enhanced software quality and reduced expenses of maintenance. The major advantages of OOP include; 1. Increases … Read more

Benefits Of Systems Analysis

Benefits of Systems Analysis System analysis is done by an analyst who analyzes the software or internal systems and the company stated requirements for functionality. The analyst may then research the available applications in the market or recommend hybrid solutions. There are several benefits of systems analysis as discussed below. 1. Save money Researching the … Read more

Benefits of SCCM

Benefits of SCCM System Center Configuration Manager or SCCM is fast becoming the software installing technique of choice. It provides system administrators the benefit of controlling software installation, inventory tracking and security patch supervision from a single central server. The SCCM was designed by Microsoft and it is perceived to offer numerous advantages as illustrated … Read more

Benefits Of Object Oriented Approach

Benefits of Object Oriented Approach The object oriented approach is mostly used for managing the intricacy of various software systems. Using this particular approach offers the important benefit of lessening the major costs linked to software systems like maintenance and also the creation of the programming code. Read on and discover more benefits of object … Read more

Benefits Of CRM software

Benefits of CRM software Customer relationship management software, popularly known as CRM provide companies with essential software tools that help integrate data from several databases within the company. Typically, the software integrates information from accounting, sales, technical support, marketing and accounting. The software offers numerous tangible benefits as it stores valuable data such as history … Read more

Benefits Of STPI

Benefits of STPI Software Technology Parks of India, commonly known as (STPI) was established back in 1991 and has reached its peak as a major outsourcing company. It was primarily initiated with an aim of providing cost effective solutions, but after knowing there involved additional benefits it ventured into software development as well. Apart from … Read more

Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange

Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange refers to a software product that was designed for making the emailing process more efficient and faster. Since email is an essential function in most businesses and lots of business activities are now conducted through email, the use of Microsoft exchange is vital for increasing email reliability and also … Read more

Benefits Of Design Patterns

Benefits of Design Patterns In software development, design patterns are solutions designed to correct commonly occurring glitches is software projects Many people often confuse design patterns with programming code but this not the case. It is simply a template or description on how to solve a problem which is then used in other different situations. … Read more

Benefits Of Automated Testing

Benefits of Automated Testing Automated testing refers to using software for controlling text execution, comparing actual results to predicted results as well as other test functions. It is mainly done using a computer, instead of manually. Using automated testing provides several benefits in comparison with other testing methods. The following are key benefits of automated … Read more

Benefits Of Test Automation

Benefits of Test Automation A few years ago, test automation was done manually. This was very cumbersome as it required a large number of people to perform time consuming test procedures. Due to the complexity and size of today’s software applications, manual testing has become a thing of the past. Automated test procedures allow faster … Read more

Benefits Of PeopleSoft

Benefits of PeopleSoft This is a company that offers customer relationship management software and human resource management systems (HRMS) for financials, enterprise performance management, as well as manufacturing. For instance, they provide payroll software that enables companies to manage information such as promotions, transfers, salary changes, and termination. 1. Better payroll processing Payroll tools are … Read more

Benefits Of Skype

Benefits of Skype Skype is the innovative computer software that enables users to make free calls online to other Skype users all over the globe. This software is obtained for free from the Skype site and it can be utilized on almost all operating systems and computers. Further down are benefits of using Skype. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of VMware

Benefits of VMware This is a company that develops virtual software and hardware to run on Linux, Solaris and Microsoft operating systems. Although VMware is used in many applications, it has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Read on further to learn how this virtual software helps to improve Office applications. 1. Tests new Service … Read more

Benefits Of SaaS

Benefits of SaaS In the past, organizations required buying, building and maintaining their own IT infrastructures in spite exponential expenses. However, SaaS provides organizations a good substitute. They can now subscribe to vital services through the internet and run their businesses smoothly. SaaS denotes software as a service and it offers several benefits as shown … Read more

Benefits Of Android 2.1

Benefits of Android 2.1 The Android 2.1 is basically new open source software that was recently released by Google. This particular software platform offers many benefits in contrast with various operating systems such as Symbian and Microsoft mobile as shown below. 1. Enables voice controls A key Android 2.1 benefit is that it provides the … Read more

Benefits Of MS Access

Benefits of MS Access Microsoft Access is the efficient database software that enables users to handle large volumes of data. It has various features and components that make it very simple to use and highly beneficial for both large and small office environments. Further down are some of the key benefits of making use of … Read more

Benefits Of MVC

Benefits of MVC Model view controller or MVC is an architectural pattern commonly used in software engineering. It creates a distinction on how the software isolates data, and the way it interacts with the end user. 1. Supports multiple views The main advantage of the MVC pattern is that it creates clear distinction, thereby allowing … Read more

Benefits Of DB2

Benefits of DB2 The development and use of software generally relies on a top – down method. For instance, DB2 connect provides new features that function to reduce IT costs, focusing limited resources on generating business value, and providing a resilient and secure information management system to protect your business valuable information asset. 1. Simplicity … Read more

Benefits of Ubuntu

Benefits of Ubuntu Ubuntu, one of the latest and most widely downloaded distributions of Linux has also become the most favorite flavor in a very short span of time. So what has made Ubuntu endearing to users? To understand that you must first understand what a distribution means. Linux consists of the kernel, libraries, and … Read more