Benefits Of MSN

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Benefits of MSN

The MSN Messenger is a fast growing and effective instant messenger software currently available. It is an excellent method of communicating with family, friends and many other people that you might need to communicate with. The best feature of the MSN application is that it is free to use. Further below are other benefits of using MSN Messenger.

1. Secure communicating method
MSN Messenger offers a secure method of communicating throughout the world through using Live Chat. It also enables the communication with users of Yahoo Messenger. Unlike using other instant messaging applications where every person can add you, the MSN Messenger is more secure. You have to know a person’s email address and they have to recognize yours so as to add them. This improved security ensures that sensitive data is not sent to the wrong people.

2. Efficient and quick
It may take a normal email from 4 minutes to 4 hours or much longer to reach the intended person. However, using MSN, the person gets the message the instant you start typing it. In addition, video calls can also be made with MSN provided both users have webcams. The handwritten messaging feature of the MSN further enhances the effectiveness of this particular instant messaging application.

3. Benefit small businesses
The extra features found in the MSN Messenger such as Live Meeting and Remote Assistance meets the communication requirements of families and small businesses. Members of the same firm can share virtual folders and provide file availability to their MSN contacts. Since this instant messaging software is used all over the world, it provides lots of exposure to small businesses. It is also simple to sign up for MSN Messenger so as to receive the aforementioned advantages.
The demerit of MSN is that sometimes it breaks down; failing to deliver important messages and this normally occurs due to bad internet connections.

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