Benefits Of Email

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Benefits Of Email

Email is the abbreviated form of Electronic Mail. The end result of sending an email is the same as that of a letter. The only difference lies in the mode of communication since emails are messages transmitted through the communications networks. Some e-mail systems are restricted to a single computer network but others have access to other computer systems. This enables users to send e-mails to any place across the world. Computers make use of IP/TCP protocol suite for sending email messages as packets. Electronic mails of any kind can be sent and received only with the use of an email address. Upon creation of an account with an Internet Service Provider, one is given an email address, which is used for sending and receiving mails. One can also create an email account at numerous web sites like yahoo and hotmail and communicate with people across the world. There are many benefits of using emails. Some of these benefits are:

Quick transfer of information.
Email is one of the quickest modes of transferring information from one end to the other. All you need to do is to compose the email and send it by clicking a button. Nowadays, companies don’t have to wait for days to get a response from other businesses or customers. Instead, the use of emails has simplified the communication route by facilitating instant responses between parties. Aside from this, information can be sent anytime without being affected by working or non working hours.

Serves a large audience.
A single email can be sent to the whole workforce of a company. Instead of sending information down the organizational hierarchy through printed documents, the top company officials can send information to all employees through a single email.

Eliminates spatial barriers
Earlier, the delivery of letters took several days or months and was very difficult to manage with establishments located in different parts of the world. The ease and speed of sending and receiving an email helps eliminate spatial barriers. Work groups located in different continents of the world can stay in touch easily via email.

Helps to reduce costs
Sending of physical documents involves costs like paper, ink envelopes, printers and folders not to mention the cost incurred in sending them via post and courier. Sending an email requires just a computer, an internet connection and an email address. All these things can be used over and over for sending and receiving emails. This reduces the overall cost in sending information. Costs are also reduced by increased efficiency by sending information through emails.

Keeps electronic record
When information is sent and received via email, both the sender and the receiver have an electronic record of information sent and received. These can be used as a proof of any wrongdoings at either end.

There are so many benefits of using emails for sending and receiving information that emails have become the most preferred medium for doing such.

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